Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) Gold Bars

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About RMC

The Republic Metals Corporation was established by Richard Rubin in 1980 in Miami, Florida. Over the years, the company became a full-service precious metal mint having a 7,000-ton annual refining capacity of both silver and gold. RMC is recognized by Responsible Jewelry Council, Ethical Alliance, and Conflict Free Smelter Initiative, and it’s listed, as well, on the LMBA, SBMA, COMEX, and SGE. The company recently opened its first Canadian facility in Toronto and is considered as the most advanced mint in the North America.

RMC is the first precious metal refinery from the United States to receive the ISO 14001 compliance of using “green refining technology”, through which it reduces the negative impact on the environment caused by its minting operations. This amazing technology gives them the possibility to produce one of the most high-quality gold bars on the precious metals market. RMC Gold Bars, like its 1 oz. Gold Bar, are also available in silver versions. RMC silver and gold bars are very popular among investors and collectors thanks to its high-quality approach and full commitment to the protection of the environment.

RMC Gold Bars Design & Sizes

RMC Gold Bars are available in different size options, from 1 oz., 100 oz., 400 oz., and 500 oz. up to 1 kg. Each RMC Gold Bar is LBMA certified, made of .9999 pure gold, using the RMC “green refinery technology”. Individual bars are placed in special assay cards that guarantee their purity and weight, and confirms the bars’ authenticity, through its unique serial number. They can be sold both separately in single assay cards or in 25 gold bar boxes.

On the obverse side of the bar is depicted the RMC mintmark, which features the image of an iron rod that empties the liquid metal into the smelting furnace above the letter “M”. Besides the company’s logo, the obverse side also contains the weight and purity inscriptions, as well as its individual serial number, identical to the one established in the accompanied assay card. The reverse side of the RMC Gold Bar features a repeating diagonal pattern of the company’s logo and its full name in the center of the bar: Republic Metals Corporation.

RMC Gold Bars are fully IRA-eligible and can be used for retirement savings in Precious Metals IRA Accounts. Investors and collectors all over the world choose RMC Gold Bars because they can be easily traded and stored and they carry low premiums, with prices as close as possible to the gold spot price.

If you have questions regarding Republic Metals products, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 800.852.6884. Our knowledgeable associates can also be conveniently contacted by email at info@bullionexchanges, or through use of our live chat feature.