Generic Silver Rounds

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Generic Silver Rounds are easy to trade, store, stack and count. They are an excellent investment option for those who want to own pure silver assets because the premium above the spot price of silver is much lower than for silver coins. Generic Silver is a specific term that refers to silver products which have been used already and are sold on the wholesale silver products market. Even though generic silver have visible wear, highly experienced investors know that it’s not the condition that matters, but the round’s silver content and purity. As long as the generic silver round isn’t destroyed or damaged in such way that it can’t be recognized anymore, investing in generic silver is considered to be safe.

Generic Silver Rounds are considered to be one of the most cost-effective investment opportunities of silver by weight. Generic Silver Rounds are usually available in sizes between 1oz. to 10 oz., being produced by many distinct manufacturers and traded in United States, Canada and other countries over the world. These silver rounds have different designs, diameter and thickness options. Yet, all of them are .999 pure silver guaranteed by their manufacturers. Generic Silver Rounds may also be available in ½ oz., ¼oz. and even 1/10thoz. of 1/20thoz. sizes. Many Generic Silver Rounds are IRA Eligible and can be a perfect diversification method for your retirement portfolio.

All of the Generic Silver Rounds offered by Bullion Exchanges are thoroughly checked before being placed for sale, in order to ensure you with the best silver quality.  If you are interested in placing an order , but have questions give us a call at 1-800-852-6884. You can also connect with us by using our live chat feature, or by submitting an email to