10 oz Silver Coins

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Silver is a great precious metal because of its industrial usage and demand as material for jewelry. These 10-oz silver coins are one way to quickly and effectively expand the value of your collection and hedge your assets. Remember, the larger the size you buy, the better it is for your wallet. Most people opt for silver bars in 10 oz sizes, but why not add some personality to your portfolio with one of these beautifully designed coins? Bullion Exchanges carries a fine assortment of 10-oz silver coins from the select mints who produce them. For a very sturdy investment to back up your investment portfolio, buy silver coins in these 10-oz sizes.


10-ounce silver coins help coin enthusiasts capitalize on the value of their collections. Because of this hefty size, these coins and rounds will definitely be an eye-catching piece for your portfolio. They can also make a great gift for your favorite coin collector. Their value is derived from its high silver content and their creative designs. Bullion Exchanges offers you great deals on this 10 oz silver coin size. When you look to buy silver for your collection, browse our selection of fine silver coins in the 10 oz size. 


The Royal British Mint has a history that stretches across centuries, making for a time-honored investor favorite. The Royal Mint’s 10-oz silver coins are released as part of the limited edition Queen’s Beasts series. This collection honors Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II as the world’s longest-reigning monarch since 2016. Because this is a limited series, don’t delay if you want to buy silver from this collection!


The Royal Mint expanded into Canada, and then by the 1900s, Canada began striking its own legal tender and bullion coins. Even though this mint is young, the RCM developed a name for itself as a  pioneer of new technology. Their Canadian Maple Leaves is one of the most secure coins in the world with a 3-level security feature. Buying coins from the RCM adds a wonderful mint to your portfolio, and truly secures your investments.


The Royal Mint also expanded into Australia. Back in 1899, Perth Mint opened its doors to originally produce the Great Britain Gold Sovereigns. This mint struck these coins until 1931, but today the Perth Mint’s bestsellers are the coins that celebrate the culture and nature of Australia. These coins include the Koala coins, Kookaburra coins, Kangaroo coins, and Chinese Zodiac Lunar coins. Shop this wonderful mint’s 10-oz silver coin Kookaburra coin series with Bullion Exchanges.


10-oz silver coins are undoubtedly an unusual size for coins, but not an unusual size for investing in silver. Bullion Exchanges also sells beautiful silver coins in ½ oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz, and 1-kilo sizes. If you’re more interested in bars, take a peek at our bars in silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. We hope you enjoy browsing our selection of expertly-designed coins and bars. Do not forget to check out our deals page for great prices.