Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Silver Coins

Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coins

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin is the most famous Canadian Silver coin minted by Royal Canadian Mint. The silver maple leaf design has been used since the first coin was produced in 1988. This design hasn’t changed over time, even though there have been several distinct designs released for its commemorative editions. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is the second most popular silver coin after the American Silver Eagles. Moreover, since their silver content is much higher, being made of 99.99% pure silver, the Canadian silver maple leaf is considered to be one of the most desired coins on the precious metal market.

On the obverse of the silver maple coin has depicted the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in three issued variations: featuring an older, middle-aged and young bust portrait version. Along with the Queen’s image, the obverse side also features engravings of the coins value and year of issue. The reverse side of the Canadian silver maple leaf features an illustration of the Canadian national symbol the sharply detailed Maple Leaf. Unlike most coins, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins are sold packed in tubes of 25 pieces, in order to satisfy its regularly increasing demand. These coins are a great opportunity for investing in tangible assets that will stand the time test. They are also an affordable way to protect your investment portfolio against inflation. The Silver Maple Leaf is backed by the Canadian Government and is eligible for use in Individual Retirement Accounts.

Bullion Exchanges in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Mint and Manfra, Tordella & Brookes present to coin enthusiasts the Canadian Maple E=mc2 Privy Reverse Proof Silver Coin released in 2015. This exclusive privy Canadian silver maple leaf coin was issued to commemorate 100 year anniversary of Albert Einstein’s masterpiece: the General Theory of Relativity. Only 50,000 of these custom designed artistic pieces were minted by Royal Canadian Mint, making this unique coin a must-have for Relativity Theory Fans and a desired piece for collectors and investors. Buy the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins with this unique privy mark and surprise your friends and relatives with an outstanding gift provided by Bullion Exchanges.

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