Platinum Bars

Platinum bullion products are commonly purchased as enrichment to ones existing investment portfolio. When buying platinum bullion, the most important thing is to buy from a well-known, respected dealer. There are a few obvious advantages of buying platinum over buying bars of other metals such as gold and silver. One such advantage is that there are more stringent guidelines for the way platinum bars are made.

When buying platinum, look for hallmarks and other certifications on the face of the bar. For instance, both the weight and the purity of the metal should be clearly displayed on the face of the bar. While most platinum that are bars, weigh 10 troy ounces and are 99.95 percent pure, you might encounter bars that are different. In particular, beware of sellers who claim that their platinum is 100 percent pure. No metal can be 100 percent pure. The platinum bars, just like the coins, are easy to store and even transport. Weighing just over half a pound, you can keep them in a bank deposit box or your own safe at home. If you decide to go with the home storage option, ensure to find an insurance plan that covers the precious metal.