Heraeus Silver Bars

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Argor Heraeus

Argor Heraeus is one of the most well-known names in the precious metals market. Based in Germany, this company has been around since 1851. Bullion Exchanges is a proud dealer of Heraeus silver bars. We offer an assortment of different sizes and styles, ranging from modern to vintage. Each bar contains the name Heraeus and its mintmark on the front, along with inscriptions including its weight, serial number, and purity.

Argor Heraeus Silver Bars

Heraeus formed in Germany in 1851 under Wilhelm Carl Heraeus. Although he originally started doing business as an apothecary by taking over his father’s practice, he found fame elsewhere. Because of his chemistry background, he was able to create the fastest and most cost-effective method to melt platinum to its highest purity. After his discovery, his company became one of the biggest producers of precious metals ever. Heraeus continued forward to refine gold, silver, and palladium in addition to platinum. 

Today, you can buy Argor Heraeus silver bars, gold bars, and more. Heraeus continues to refine precious metals with the intention to create investment-quality bullion products.

Designs and Sizes of Heraeus Silver Bars

The Argor Heraeus silver bars span a wide range of product sizes including 1 troy oz, 10 troy oz, and 1 kilogram. 1-ounce silver bars are often the most popular, and this is the smallest size for the Heraeus silver bars available.

Heraeus silver bars are designed in a classy, generic manner with a no-fuss design. The front side of the bar displays the company name and mintmark, weight, and purity of .999. These bars have a striking, lustrous finish in comparison to other silver bars that have more of a matte finish. Bullion Exchanges is thrilled to offer the Heraeus silver bars in our inventory. These are classic pieces that are guaranteed to boost the value of your silver collection for their high purity and name for years to come.