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About the Mexican Gold Libertad Coin

The Mexican Libertad Gold coin is one of the most cherished Mexican Gold coins currently available on the gold bullion market. These remarkable Gold Mexican coins are famous for their beautiful and historical design, and impressive purity of the gold content. Also available in silver, the coin was inspired by the 50 Pesos Mexican gold coin, commonly referred to as the Centenario coin, issued in 1921 to commemorate 100 years of Mexican Independence. Thus, 60 years after, the Mexican mint struck the first one, which carried the same design as the Centenario coin. The coin was issued in 1981, then re-released from 1991-1994 and again from 1995-1999. In 2000, the coin was reissued, this time with a different design, and has continually been produced with the exception of 2001.

The coin has also been manufactured in proof-like versions since 1983, being struck in all five weights as of 2005, except in 2012. The mintage limits are set by the Mexican Mint and do not depend on the demand for the coins. For this reason, some of the coins were minted in limited edition, especially the proof versions, are very rare collectible pieces, highly desired by collectors and investors. Coins produced before 1991 were made of .900 fine gold and since 1991 are produced of .999 pure gold. These coins are the official bullion coin of the Mexican government, being the only international gold coin issued with no face value that is still accepted as a form of currency.

Main Sizes of the Mexican Gold Libertad Coins

Modern Mexican Gold Libertads debuted in 1981 and were issued in three weights options to include 1 troy ounce, ½ oz, and ¼ oz offerings. The mintage was quickly exhausted, however, 10 years would pass before production would resume in 1991, with 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz versions added to the roster. The coins were produced in all five weights, except for in 2001 (where there no editions) and 2004, which didn’t include the 1/20 oz. size. The proof versions are also produced in all five weight options as of 2005, with the exception of the year 2012. Previously, the proof versions were produced in 1983 of 1 troy ounce size, in 1989 of ½ oz. and in 2004 of ¼ oz.

The Designs of the Mexican Gold Libertad Coins

On the reverse side of the coin is the national Mexican Coat of Arms – the golden eagle perched on a cactus and holding a snake in its peak. The Coat of Arms is encircled by a wreath and the words “Estados Unidos Mexicanos”.  The coins were issued between 1981 and 1999 featured the same iconic obverse design as of the Gold Centenario Coins – the image of the Winged Victory, the Angel of Independence. Her figure is depicted as striding forward while holding a wreath and the broken chains of the Spanish colonialism in her hands, with the peaks of the twin volcanoes Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl represented on the background. The names of the volcanoes come from an ancient pair of Aztec lovers that faced a tragic end. The modern coins feature a revitalized depiction of the Winged Victory, represented by a left-profile image of her statue from the Mexico City. The statue is placed atop a column in front the two volcano peaks. Her image is surrounded by the denomination (now in Onzas), mintage year, weight, purity and mint marks. The design of the reverse side of the coin also has changed, but only for the 1 oz. weight - the Mexican Coat of arms is now encircled by the 10 historical versions of the Mexican seal.  

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