Coin bezels are the beautiful jewelry frames that allow you to wear your favorite coins. Some bezels are fastened with screw-tops while others use prongs on the back to keep the coins in place. Bezels are often worn as a necklace but are also available as earrings, bracelets, rings, pins, money clips, key rings, and other jewelry styles. Bullion Exchanges presents the variety of silver and gold bezels, that would allow you not only to wear your coins but also to protect them. Al bezels in our section have a special type of closure that ensures your coin and keeps it securely enclosed and fit for daily wear. Mostly coin bezels come in gold or sterling silver.

On our website, you will find the bezels for all common sizes of collectible coins ranging from foreign coins and world coins to state quarters and medallions. Its easy to use the coin bezels, all you need just put your coin into the bezel, squeeze the gap between the bezel together tightly and carefully put the mounting screw back into place.

Browse our entire collection of coin accessories and don’t hide your favorite coins away in storage, display them in a beautiful gold or silver bezel and wear them as dazzling jewelry.