Live Platinum Spot Price Chart

Platinum Spot Prices Platinum Price Today Spot Change
Platinum Price Per Ounce Platinum Price Per Gram Platinum Price Per Kilo $863.00 $27.75 $27,746.05 -$1.90 -$0.06 -$61.09
08/24/19 01:56 PM EDT Last Update

This is the Bullion Exchanges live platinum spot price chart where we show you the moving spot price of platinum today in real time! The spot price of platinum shows you the exact amount that one ounce of physical platinum is trading at right now anywhere in the world. What does this mean for you? Bullion Exchanges provides you with historical data for you to reference to make the most informed decision when buying platinum products. We provide you with the tools you need to analyze the minimum and maximum periods that range from a tiny one-hour view to seeing how platinum has performed over the course of a year. Take advantage of this great resource by hovering your mouse over the platinum price chart to see the price for any particular period.



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Price of Platinum Alerts

Bullion Exchanges makes it easy to stay informed and up to date with any significant movements in the market for the price of platinum. You don’t have to closely monitor platinum prices anymore to make the best investment decisions; we give you the opportunity to set up platinum price alerts. By signing up for a Bullion Exchanges account, you can set customized alerts to receive an automatic update when the price of platinum or a specific platinum product hits the desired level. These alerts will save you time by providing you with necessary information that can help you reach your desired targets and improve your profits while reducing your losses. Learn about platinum price changes instantly by using our:

  • Platinum Price AlertsThe product price alert will notify you when a specific product in which you are interested, for instance, the Credit Suisse Statue of Liberty Platinum Bar, is available for your targeted price. By clicking on the “Price Alert” button and selecting the desired price and quantity, you will receive an e-mail message when the product reaches your established price.

  • Platinum Market AlertsYou can also customize platinum market alerts to receive a notification when the platinum spot price targets reach your desired objectives. Click on “Market Alert” icon, select “platinum” and set up your notification based on changes in price or percentage. When platinum reaches its low or high, according to your settings, you will receive an email alert so that you don’t miss another investment opportunity.

Manage your ‘Alerts’ section by creating your free Bullion Exchanges account or Logging in to your existing account. You will also receive newsletters, daily deal alerts, reward points notifications (when they near expiration) and 500 Bullionaire Bucks just opening a new Bullion Exchanges account!


How is the platinum price per ounce determined?

The occurrence of platinum is much rarer than both Gold and Silver. The relative low supply of platinum automatically raises the price of platinum. Platinum prices do keep fluctuating, and investors must be aware of this fact. Since the fluctuation can be significant, one gets an opportunity to buy Platinum at a low price and sell it at a higher rate. So, how much is Platinum per ounce?Several factors influence its price:

  • Reliant on Automobile Industry – Platinum is an industrial metal. The automobile industry uses more than half of the platinum produced in the world. It’s used for car catalytic converters which refine automobile emissions to make a cleaner and safer environment. Hence the automobile industry is one of the significant and vital factors in determining the price of platinum.

  • Limited Availability – A majority of the world’s platinum comes from two places, South Africa and Russia. If these countries are involved in any natural disasters or go through any economic turmoil, it can certainly cause fluctuations in platinum prices.

  • Jewelry – Another significant chunk of platinum is used in the jewelry industry. With more celebrities patronizing platinum, the world has taken notice of the glistening white metal that is strong and does not bend out of shape, resistant to tarnishing and corrosion. Any alteration in demand for platinum jewelry can directly affect the platinum price.

  • Uses in Medical Field – Platinum is used in laboratory equipment, dentistry equipment, and also has recently found use in treating cancer. The demand for the medical and various other electrical fields also play a significant influence in determining the price of platinum per ounce.

What is the silver spot price? / What does the spot price mean?

The spot price refers to the current price of any precious metal such as the price of silver or the price of gold per troy ounce at which it can be immediately bought or sold anywhere in the world. The spot price of platinum is the presented on the stock market. The platinum spot price can be greatly influenced by the supply and demand of the metal. During times of economic turmoil or political instability around the world, rises or dips in the spot price can be very significant.

Why should I care about platinum spot price?

Platinum prices are volatile and knowing about the platinum spot price will help you make a better and more informed investment. Bullion Exchanges alerts will provide you with email notifications when the spot prices reach significant lows or highs.

Why should I invest in platinum?

Platinum, one of the rarest Precious Metals has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years because of its diverse uses in several different industries. There are several factors which make platinum an appealing commodity to investors.

  • There is a huge demand for it in the automobile industry. The global growth in manufacturing has escalated the demand for metals such as platinum, hence making platinum a good opportunity for investors in the long terms.

  • Flexibility in investing options makes it easier to invest in platinum. One can buy platinum coins and bars, and future contracts. There are also ETF and equity options available to investors and collectors.

Are platinum prices the same no matter where I live?

The platinum prices per ounce are the same around the globe. For instance, the price of platinum per ounce in the United States will be same as the platinum price in Australia, U.K., China, India, France, Russia or any other country. This is done to avoid any kind of arbitrage. Dealers and investors can convert the spot price from USD into their own currencies.

Why can’t I buy platinum at the spot price? What is a premium?

When a precious metal like platinum is sold, it has a spot price and a premium. Spot prices are the same all over the world at any given time. When you contact a dealer to make an investment, you will be paying for the precious metal at a premium price which can be slightly higher than the spot price.

The premium price is a summation of the minting cost, transportation cost, storage cost, and dealer fee, which are added to the spot price. It is the final price you pay for your commodity. This premium or percentage is what will help investors decide on which dealer to buy the precious metals from.

For instance, a PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar or a Platinum American Eagle Coin can have different prices with different dealers. Some offer at a low premium while other dealers offer at a higher premium. This varies according to the supply and demand of the coins and bullion. Bullion Exchanges allows you to buy platinum with minimal premiums, and also delivers it for free right to your doorstep!

What are bid and ask prices?

The Bid and Ask are the two prices that are constantly used to describe the price of platinum. The Bid is the current maximum price at which you can sell your platinum. The Ask price is the current minimum price at which you can buy platinum.

The difference between the Bid and the Ask price is the Bid-Ask spread. If you plan on selling your platinum, the dealer will buy it from you at the Bid price, and if you plan on buying platinum, the dealer will sell it to you at the Ask price, and the spread will be the dealer’s profit. The Ask price will always be higher than the Bid price.

What is the difference between an ounce and a troy ounce when looking at a platinum price chart?

A standard ounce contains 28.349 grams, whereas a Troy ounce contains 31.103 grams, which means 1 Troy ounce contains 2.75 grams more. The precious metals like gold, silver, platinum are measured in Troy ounces and not the standard ounce. The measurement in Troy ounces matters and is significant when an investor buys in bulk. The Troy ounce has its origin in the French town of Troyes, and the U.S. Mint adopted it in 1828 for the regulation of coinage.

Why does the price of platinum change so often?

Numerous factors come into play globally that affect the platinum market, including interest rates, foreign relations, indexes, monetary policy, macroeconomic trends, fiscal policy, and more. For the most up to date news and analysis on the precious metals markets, please read our Blog.

Each dealer may have different procedures when it comes to locking in prices for precious metals. A live price feed that automatically adjusts prices is used by most dealers, and you can see it constantly change until you reach checkout page for buying it. If you go too slowly with the checkout process, the system might display you an updated price to complete your order.