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Silver is a standout amongst the most attractive investments on the precious metals market due to its wide variety of silver bullion options, including bars, round, and coins. It is an extraordinary acquisition because of its very reasonable value when related to gold. Silver bars and rounds are manufactured by reputable Precious Metals refiners around the globe. Silver coins are struck by government mints and typically are preferred by avid collectors.

Usually, coin prices are higher when compared to the cost of rounds and bars of the same weight, this is because silver coins have collectible value and are produced in limited quantities. Silver presents collectors and investors with an affordable opportunity to significantly enhance any existing collections/portfolios as each will dependably have the capacity to request a bigger number of ounces of silver than gold for the same measure of money.

Silver Bars

Silver Bars are the most well known silver investment type, being available in many sizes and weight options, from 1 oz. and 5 oz. to 10 oz. and 100 oz. There are some silver bars which are produced in fractional ounce sizes or bigger weights, like 1000 oz. Silver bars have garnered steady interest by both collectors and investors because of the varying size options, impressive silvery content, and hassle free storage.

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Silver Rounds

Silver Rounds have the same purpose as Silver Bars: serving as an investment in silver bullion of high silver content and purity. They are typically offered in 1 oz weight options, however, 2 oz rounds are also readily available for purchase and are quite popular because of their detailed designs and impressive weight.

It is important to note, unlike silver coins, silver rounds are produced exclusively by private mints and companies. This is why they have unique designs that celebrate patriotic themes, holidays and many other impressive symbols. Silver rounds are usually priced the same as silver bars. You can also achieve a lower price per ounce by purchasing silver bullion rounds in bulk. Silver Rounds can be easily stored in protective plastic coin tubes.

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Silver Coins

Silver Coins are the most expensive, yet the best-selling form of silver bullion. The term coin refers to a piece of silver shaped as round and stamped as legal tender. Coins are struck by national mints in various countries, such as the US Mint which produces the ever popular American Silver Eagle, and The Royal Canadian Mint which produces the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

In spite of the fact that the measure of genuine silver is customarily equivalent to that found in different types of bullion, the cost of nationally minted pieces will be higher because of the limited supplies, and significant demand on the precious metals market while bars and rounds for all intents and purposes are produced in boundless amounts.

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You can consider diversifying your investment portfolio, by purchasing silver bullion types of all three formats: bars, rounds, and coins. Bullion Exchanges offers you the possibility to transform your precious silver rounds or coins into outstanding silver necklaces by purchasing silver bezels. For gun enthusiasts and collectors of unique pieces, we also offer a remarkable collection of silver bullets. If you’re just beginning to invest in silver, you can find useful tips about the best way to buy silver bullion from our guide about investing in silver.

Silver Bullion Mints

The available silver bullion types are manufactured by a wide range of government mints, private mints and companies, which refine and produce precious metals in different forms. Bullion Exchanges provides you silver bullion from the following worldwide recognized mints and producers:

Silver Price

The most essential component with regards to purchasing silver bullion is silver spot prices. The spot cost of silver is driven by the going rate for the metal figured per troy ounce. Bullion Exchanges offers live feeds of the market, as well as, graphics of the historical evolution of silver prices, from one hour, up to 3 months or one year providing our customers with precise information.

Why you should consider buying Silver Bullion

Just like gold, physical silver has been used for thousands of years as jewelry, currency, and store of value. Since then silver lost its role as legal tender in many developed countries. However, it still remains in high demand due to its affordable prices in comparison with other top precious metals. Besides, silver’s role in industrial applications, exchange-traded products, and bullion coins makes it extremely valuable and desired by avid investors and collectors. More than that, silver bullion can be used as a retirement option, by adding them to your Precious Metals IRA Account. Whether as an investment or just for collection purposes, silver will always stay a prominent and sought-after precious metal.

Bullion Exchanges is the best place to buy silver bullion of the highest quality. Browse our outstanding collection and buy silver online. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact our associates 800.852.6884 or send us a message, we will be happy to assist you.

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