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Bullion Exchanges allows you to buy silver, silver coins, silver bars, silver bullion, or colorized silver collectibles online quickly and easily. We carry a wide variety of silver bullion coins and silver bars from international mints, popular minting companies, and recognized refineries that produce coins, rounds, and bars that are worthy of any collection or as part of a sound investment. Silver stands out from other precious metals in terms of its affordability to the ordinary consumer and the vast amounts of mixed uses it provides. Compared to gold, silver maintains a reasonable price that doesn’t fluctuate too much.

At Bullion Exchanges, we’re proud to offer you an extensive collection of silver coins so you can buy silver easily and unmatched by your local gold and silver shop. When you shop with Bullion Exchanges, you can rest assured that you will receive top-class customer service, speedy shipping, and the most competitive prices in the industry. We’re proud to serve the silver bullion community since 2012. If you’re just beginning to buy silver, you can find useful tips about the best way to buy silver bullion from our guide about investing in silver. So whether you’re a collector of silver coins, a casual fan of silver products, or an investor looking to broaden your portfolio, Bullion Exchanges is here to help you get the best products every time. 

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Silver has existed in coin form for many millennia. Since the dawn of the bartering system, people began to place value on this shiny metal that didn’t appear to occur frequently in nature. To this day, silver coins are manufactured and used in everyday life, so even though most silver coins are not created to function as a form of currency, they are stamped and recognized as legal tender. Coins are produced by national mints and are recognized by sovereign governments all around the world.

Bullion Exchanges is proud to carry a vast collection of silver coins from all around the world. Our collection features silver coins of great numismatic interest, certified silver coins from the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), and other qualified and certified coin grading companies. We also feature a wide selection of older silver coins at extraordinarily low prices like:

We’re also very happy to provide our customers with exclusive silver coins that can only be found here. We’ve partnered with specific mints to carry special silver coins that are as beautiful as they are unique. To learn more about how you can own these exclusive silver coins from Bullion Exchanges, click here.

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Silver Bars and Silver Bullion | Buy Silver

Bullion Exchanges is also proud to sell a great assortment of bullion silver bars to investors and collectors. Silver bullion bars provide a great investment option and are available in many different sizes and options. Whether you’re looking for something in a one-ounce size or a much more significant 100 oz. bar, Bullion Exchanges has all the silver bars to satisfy every purchase. Silver bullion bars provide investors with the best prices because of the extraordinarily low premiums that these products carry.

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Buy Silver Rounds 

Buying silver rounds from Bullion Exchanges provides investors with a great option to invest in silver bullion without having to pay exorbitant premiums. The value is passed along to the buyer who is able to purchase silver of the highest content and purity. Silver rounds are customarily minted in one-ounce sizes. Private mints and bullion companies produce silver rounds. It is important to note that silver rounds are not the same as silver coins because they do not hold legal tender status and are used primarily as a means of investment or for collections. Silver rounds feature a wide variety of images and designs that cover everything from holidays to animals and everything in between.

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Silver Bullion Mints

Bullion Exchanges is proud to source our products from trusted government mintsprivate mints, and companies that refine and produce precious metals in various forms. Bullion Exchanges provides you silver bullion from the following worldwide recognized mints and producers:

Silver Price

There is only one essential component that leads people to purchase silver bullion: Price. Silver spot prices move every day. The spot price of silver is driven by the going rate for the metal figured per troy ounce. Bullion Exchanges offers live feeds of the market, as well as, graphics of the historical evolution of silver prices, from a microscopic view of one hour, up to a year - providing our customers with precise information to make the best decision when buying silver bullion.

Why you should consider buying Silver Bullion, Silver Bars and Silver coins

Just like gold, physical silver has been used for thousands of years as jewelry, currency, and store of value. Since then silver lost its role as legal tender in many developed countries. However, it remains in high demand due to its affordable prices in comparison with other top precious metals. Besides, silver’s role in industrial applications, exchange-traded products, and bullion coins makes it extremely valuable and desired by avid investors and collectors. More than that, silver bullion can be used as a retirement option by adding it to your Precious Metals IRA Account. Whether as an investment or just for collection purposes, silver will always stay a prominent and sought-after precious metal.

Bullion Exchanges is the best place to buy silver bullion of the highest quality. Browse our outstanding collection where you can buy silver online. If you have any questions, please send us a message using our convenient website messenger and we will be happy to assist you.