US Gold Coins

The US Gold Coins

Gold is indeed one of the most desired precious metal and investment option along with silver. Just like silver coins, gold coins have been historically popular among investors and collectors, especially due to the high value of the gold’s price and its strong correlation with the price of crude oil. However, its rarity and inherent value makes the gold bullion more demanded than silver bullion because gold has stood the test of time as a currency form and a hedge against devaluation or inflation. The most popular gold coins are without a doubt US Gold Coins manufactured by the United States Mint. The American Gold Coins produced by the American Mint are particularly preferred by savvy investors due to their remarkably beautiful design and high gold purity.

US Gold Coins Sizes and Designs

The most popular US Gold Coins are gold bullion and currency items minted by the U.S. Mint. United States Gold Coins presently available on the market range from the Pre-1933 US Minted Coins to the U.S. Gold Bullion coins like the US Commemorative Gold Coins, the Gold American Eagle, and Buffalos. Their sizes vary from 1/10 oz., ¼ oz., ½ oz. and 1 oz. for the new American Gold Coin designs to the Pre-1933 Quarter eagles ($2.5), half eagles ($5), eagles ($10) and double eagles ($20) with weights from .1209 to .9675 oz.

The Gold American Eagles

The most treasured US Gold Coin design is considered the 1 oz. Gold American Eagle. This gold coin design is highly appreciated by investors and collectors all over the world due to its easily identifiable appearance. The obverse side of the coin carries the striking design of Augustus Saint-Gaudens: a depiction of the Lady Liberty carrying an olive branch in one hand and a torch in the other one, with her hair flowing and the US Capitol building engraved in the left background. The reverse side of the coin contains a depiction of a male eagle flying to its nest with an olive branch in its talons. The female eagle and their hatchlings are sitting in the nest. The Gold American Eagle made its debut in 1986 and continued to be manufactured with denominations of $50, $25, $10 and $5, according to their sizes. The coins are available in three editions: brilliant uncirculated, proof and certified.

The Gold American Buffalos

Another impressive American Gold Coin design is the American Buffalo coin. This unique gold coin produced by the US Mint is the first of its kind composed of 24 karats .9999 pure gold. The coins were released to serve as competitors for other high-quality foreign gold coins like the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. The natural West design of this coin was inspired by the Buffalo Nickel, first released in 1913. The masterful depiction featured on the coin is the work of famous American sculptor James Earl Fraser. The obverse of the coin featured the profile portrait of a Native American, pictured as a mix between the incredibly detailed facial and hair braid elements of three different tribe chiefs: Two Moons, Iron Tal, and Big Tree. On the reverse side of the coin, the famous American symbol, the buffalo is depicted from a real bison that lived in the New York City Central Park Zoo. The Gold American Buffalos were introduced in 2006, available in $50, $25, $10 and $5 denominations and three editions: brilliant uncirculated, proof and certified.

The US Commemorative Gold Coins

The US Mint produces commemorative coins of a large design variety, always carrying the images of important or iconic figures, places or events in American History. These coins are highly appreciated by passionate numismatists. The most popular US Gold Commemorative coin designs are the $5 Commemorative Gold coins, the $10 First Spouse Gold series and the Centennial Gold Coins. The $5 Commemorative Gold Coins were released in 1986 and feature the Olympic Games, The Statue of Liberty, the American Bald Eagle, Mount Rushmore, the 50th Anniversary of WWII, Mark Twain and many other honoring images. The $10 First Spouse Commemorative Gold Coin was introduced in 2007 and each year carries the depiction of the First Lady corresponding to the president depicted on the Presidential Gold Coin issued in the same year. The Centennial Commemorative Gold Coins minted in 2016 celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the three most important historical gold coin designs minted: the Walking Liberty, the Standing Liberty and the Mercury (Winged Liberty) first produced in 1916.

The Pre-1933 US Gold Coins

Pre-1933 US Gold Coins are exclusively rare pieces of  American Gold coinage. These coins have been produced between 1794 and up to 1933 when President Theodore Roosevelt decreed as illegal for the US citizens to own gold coins. Those in possession of gold coins were obliged to return their gold coins to the US Treasury for the purpose melting them down to transform them into gold bars. However, it’s very surprising that despite their banishment, these exceptional gold coins are still available on the market.

The Pre-1933 coins carry various designs and sizes, mainly ranging between .1209 to .9675 oz. Yet the most popular designs are indeed the Indian Head, Saint Gaudens and Liberty Head. The Indian Head Gold Coins have an intrinsic strike and depict the profile picture of a Native American Chief. The Saint Gaudens Gold Coins carry the grand design of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, image of the walking Lady Liberty, that carries separately in her hands and olive branch and a torch, with the Capitol Building engraved on the left background. This image inspired the design of the American Eagle Gold Coin. The Liberty Head Gold Coin is depicted in profile picture with a coronet atop of her head.

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