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Yes, the Utah Goldback notes are made of real gold! So, they are not simply paper notes backed by gold—they are, in fact, gold. Additionally, they are legal tender in the state of Utah. The Goldbacks are developing a remarkable base of businesses that are willing to accept Goldbacks as a form of payment. These beautiful Goldbacks feature designs of the Virtues as women wearing clothing popular in different time periods in the state. Other features of the lovely designs include trees and animals that are indigenous to the state.


The Virtues selected for the first release include the $50 Liberty (Libertas) Goldback, $25 Victory (Victoria) Goldback, $10 Justice (Justitia) Goldback, $5 Truth (Veritas) Goldback, and $1 Prudence (Prudentia) Goldback. The reason these Virtues were chosen is because the company believes they represent what make society worth living in. Each one symbolizes a fundamental aspect of life and faith, and the woman are modernized characters. They are dressed in clothing that various women in Utah wore in the past. For example, the $25 Goldback features Justitia, the Roman Goddess of Justice, as a Suffragette. Also, the $1 Utah Goldback features a Native American woman whose likeness and clothing are amalgamated from the main Native American tribes based in Utah. 



What began as a dream has become a reality for the founders of the Goldbacks. Although in the US the only legal form of money is fiat currency issued by the government, the Goldbacks are legal tender. This is because of the passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act of 2011, written and established by the legal counsel for the company. Under this act, certain gold and silver coins can be used as forms of currency within the state of Utah. Therefore the Goldbacks, which were approved by the United Precious Metals Association, are technically “gold coins.”



The Goldback notes are a brand new investment that began in 2020. Because this is a true one-of-a-kind product, they will make an interesting piece that will help you diversify your gold portfolio. Also, because they are made from real fractional gold, these can be more accessible for investors on a budget. In addition to the Goldbacks, Bullion Exchanges proudly offers a diverse assortment of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from top mints and refineries. When you shop with Bullion Exchanges, please do not overlook our deals! Thank you for choosing us for your precious metals needs.