Austrian Mint Silver Coins

About Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins

The stunning Vienna Philharmonic has graced the obverse side of the Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin since its debut in 1998. This treasured silver coin was released by the Austrian Mint following the massive worldwide success of the timeless Austrian Gold Philharmonics. Since then, the Austrian Silver Philharmonic has been produced on an annual basis and is a huge success among collectors and investors around the world, as evidenced by the 54 million pieces sold.

The Austrian Philharmonic Silver coin is composed of 1 troy ounce of .999 pure silver and has a face value of 1.50 euros, backed by the Austrian Government. This coin is available in Brilliant Uncirculated (BU), which indicates that it has absolutely no wear or tear marks and has preserved most of its original mint luster. The Philharmonic Austrian Silver Coins are sold individually, in special plastic tubes of 20 coins or in mint cases of 500 coins.  

Design of Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins

The design credit for these stunning Austrian Silver Coins belongs to Thomas Pesendorfer, who initially created it for a gold commemorative card issued in 1989. Its design honors one of the finest cultural symbols of the Austrian nation – the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

The obverse depicts the famous pipe organ from the Musikverein Concert Hall (Golden Hall) in Vienna, where the Vienna’s Philharmonic Orchestra plays its music. The obverse also contains the inscriptions of the German words for “Republic of Austria” (REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH) and "1 ounce pure silver " (1 UNZE FEINSILBER), along with the mintage year, and the face value of the coin.

The reverse of the Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coins features the design of several musical instruments: a French horn, a flute, four violins, a bassoon, a cello and a harp. Besides this superb array of musical instruments, the reverse also contains the inscription of the German words "Vienna Philharmonic" (WIENER PHILHARMONIKER) and "Silver" (SILBER).

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