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About Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint is a globally renowned company with over 800 years of solid experience in precious metals and coin production. They are internationally known as one of the world's best mints. The Austrian National Bank owns this mint in its entirety and produces over 450 million coins per year.

Not only does the mint sell some of the world’s most beautiful and popular bullion, but they also provide blank coins to other countries. Since 1988, this mint has operated privately and is the only manufacturer of coins used by the Austrian people.

The Austrian Mint is based right in the center of Vienna, which is the Austrian capital. The gorgeous building holds rich history and a world-class production plant. Tradition combined with exceptional craftsmanship lead to high-quality coins. Many of these coins are a design from the Austrian Mint’s numismatic experts.

The History Of The Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint steeps in a rich history and tale. In 1194, Richard the Lionheart gave 12 tons of silver to Duke Leopold V of Austria. Lionheart was buying his freedom. But most interesting of all, he was unknowingly starting what is now the Austrian Mint. Duke Leopold went on to strike these “freedom” coins paid to him. The striking of silver coins began more than 800 incredible years of minting in Vienna.

Why was Richard the Lionheart locked up? Lionheart insulted the Duke before going off to the Crusades. 

Over 800 years, there have been numerous minting processes. Before the 16th century, the minting hammer was a tool for striking coins. Next came the rocker press, roller press, and screw press. Finally, in 1830, there was ring striking. Ring striking produces a superb round shape on coins. Manufacturers use a modern version of ring striking today. This method can produce over 750 coins per minute.

Exceptional Reputation

From the start, excellent craftsmanship and prestigious coins of the highest standard have come from the Austrian Mint. Since 1733, talented designers in an engraving academy have been a part of this mint. Coins are a passion for those who design for this company.

The Austrian Mint is a renowned player in the coin world. Their beautiful coins from the heart of Vienna are popular with both collectors and investors. They also make an exquisite gift for any loved one.

Austrian Mint Products

One of the Mint’s most internationally recognized coins is the Maria Theresa Taler. Still, another world famous coin is the Vienna Philharmonic coin. The 2019 version is now available in gold and silver. The coin is one of the more popular gold bullion options around the world. The Austrian Mint is said to be such a highly successful mint because of the Vienna Philharmonic coin.

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