Perth Mint Platinum Coins

Approved by the Australian Government in June 18, 1987, the Perth Mint began production of the Australian Platinum Koala coin in September 1988. The Platinum Koala is considered legal tender in Australia. 1 troy ounce coins were initially produced, but for marketing purposes, 2 ounce, 10 ounce and I kilogram coins were introduced in 1991. Like the American Platinum Eagle, the Australian Platinum Koala is one of the very few series of platinum coins that are still being produced because of relative scarcity of platinum and its high refining cost. Platinum Koalas are .9995 fine platinum and are now additionally available in 1/10, 1/20, 1/4, 1/2 troy ounce sizes. As with any other platinum bullion coins, the Australian Platinum Koala has a market value that exceeds its face value due to its platinum content.

Platinum Koala Coins

Platinum coins are an excellent way to invest in pure platinum because, more than their face value, these coins are prized for their collectibility and liquidity. They can be easily bought, stored and stacked. With the Australian Platinum Koala coins, you can be sure you will receive only high quality .9995 fine platinum. Platinum, relatively scarce even among precious metals, continue to gain widespread recognition as a viable option in diversifying one’s wealth. The 1 ounce Australian Platinum Koala has been a product of Australia’s Perth Mint since 1988. Not only is its purity, weight, and content guaranteed by the Australian government, but it is also eligible for inclusion in an American Precious Metals IRA. As legal tender, the 1 ounce Platinum Koala carries a face value of $100 AUD and is still produced today as a globally recognized investment in the precious metals market. It is considered as the most beautiful of all platinum coins with its exquisitely designed and extensively frosted surface creating a luminous brilliance not found on any other platinum bullion coin. The obverse side of the coin features an Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. She is encircled by her name, the name of the country, and the denomination. On the other hand, the reverse design features beautifully illustrated koalas which changes annually, making this coin very popular and in demand among collectors and investors worldwide.