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For much of human history, silver has been a precious metal that is both a form of currency and a form of wealth. Over the years, it has continued to increase in price, and many investors have realized how much precious metals like silver, gold, palladium, and platinum are safety assets against economic uncertainty. Also, it's an ideal way to keep investment portfolios diversified. Preppers believe that silver could be the perfect way of bartering if paper currency fails. If you are a newbie to silver investments or looking to add to your collection, this is a superb way to start/add to your portfolio.


Silver is a metal of metallic luster and polish that reflects almost all light. It also is a natural killer of hundreds of different bacteria and viruses. It's useful for many purposes from silverware, jewelry, medicine, windows, dentistry, and of course, bullion. It has been used as a currency for thousands of years.

Silver is known for its affordability, and silver bars are easy to store, stack and transport. Precious metals are the ideal way to hold a physical asset in hand that will never go bad, corrupt, or lose intrinsic value. Gain the opportunity and freedom in owning physical precious metals. Furthermore, with the rocky economic times, silver and gold have shown to increase in value when financial crises arise. While others may go into crisis mode, you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your wealth is safe through investing in precious metals


Silver has gone from $15.50 to $22 in just the past few years. Silver is continually a reliable way to invest long-term and protect wealth. In fact, since 2008, silver has gone up 51%. This is because silver has intrinsic value, meaning, it will always hold its weight. Silver prices continue to rise as global interest rates fall. So, investors often see a positive environment for their investment opportunities. Additionally, silver tends to perform counter-cyclically to the stock market.  


The spot price of silver is calculated based on the near term futures contract price--and is a commodity traded 24 hours a day on a global scale. Essentially it is the base price of raw silver as sold on the commodities market. The NY COMEX is the most important commodities market for metals prices and usually determines the silver price. The spot price is continually changing from one second to the next (except for the short periods the market closes). Furthermore, spot prices are usually in US Dollars and are equal to one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. However, dealers must mark up silver with a premium to cover business expenses and the high cost of manufacturing. The price of a silver bullion piece will depend on many factors. This is called a dealer premium.

The bid price is the maximum price available for a commodity. That means when it comes time to sell your silver, gold, platinum, or palladium, you want to get the best bid price possible. At Bullion Exchanges, we also buy precious metals both online and at our retail store in NYC's diamond district.


Since the 21st century, silver has only gone up in value. Some factors that can cause silver to go up and down in price include currency fluctuations, inflation fears, supply and demand, asset allocations, and geopolitical developments. However, when the silver price goes down, mining companies have tricks up their sleeves. They will often slow down production to help bring demand back up and raise the price again. Silver is often seen as a long-term investment as prices do fluctuate quite frequently. Furthermore, especially with silver coins, scarcity and collectability have a significant factor in the premium over spot price.  


The Gold/Silver Ratio is a simple ratio or formula that determines how much silver it takes to buy an ounce of gold. Investors use this gold/silver ratio to determine the value of silver and gold, or if it's a good time to buy. To calculate the rate, take the price of gold and divide it by the price of silver. 


Silver coins are usually a collector’s game. They tend to have higher premiums over the silver spot price. Therefore, investors tend to look towards silver rounds and bars as the most affordable (lower premium over spot) way to invest in silver. There are many options for buying silver in both sizes and styles. If an investor wants a silver coin, American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaves tend to have lower premiums over spot price. The bigger you go on a silver bar, the better deal you'll get as silver bars tend to get less expensive on a per-ounce basis as the bar gets bigger. So, imagine what a deal you'll receive with our 100 oz silver at spot price bar we are offering right here at Bullion Exchanges!


The short answer is both. Diversification in any investment portfolio, including your precious metals portfolio, is crucial. Additionally, both silver and gold are two distinct metals and perform differently depending on market fluctuations. Gold tends to do well during an economic crisis, while silver does well during inflationary upswings. Owning both gold and silver gives you a powerful edge, as he/she who "owns the precious metals, makes the rules." This is especially true if we ever live to see the paper form of our currency fail. If we do see financial collapse, having a tangible asset to use for trading or selling will be essential.


Always buy your precious metals from a dealer you can trust, like Bullion Exchanges. Many sellers out there pass off counterfeits as real. Many of these counterfeits are coming from China, and they are a real problem in our industry. Every day, silver buyers are being scammed. At Bullion Exchanges, we offer a 100% guarantee that you will always receive an authentic silver, gold, palladium, or platinum bullion product. 


Silver is an ideal place to start when it comes to your precious metals portfolio. You won't see this type of deal anywhere else, so buy your silver bar(s) from Bullion Exchanges today. Looking for other options? Check out our additional silver bars at unbeatable prices.

Here at Bullion Exchanges, we know that when it comes to buying investment silver, a savvy buyer wants to find silver as close to the spot price as possible. Take advantage of our exclusive deals.