MintID Silver Rounds

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MintID officially opened for business in 2020 through its release of the Buffalo silver rounds and 5 oz and 10 oz silver bullion bars. These silver bullion rounds carry a scannable, tamper-proof NFC tag, each of which is linked to a unique cloud-based ID. This incorporates highly sophisticated security technology to greatly reduce and discourage counterfeiting. MintID silver rounds are the real deal, and you can easily verify them through your smartphone without the need for a third party! Simply download the MintID application through your phone’s app store and follow the directions to use the app. Read more about the additional security features in the product descriptions for the MintID Buffalo Silver Rounds.

MintID Silver Bullion Rounds Sizes

The MintID Buffalo silver rounds were first struck in a one-ounce silver size, then later were released in a 2 ozt size. These silver bullion rounds feature the American “buffalo” bison on the obverse, seemingly about to step out of the round’s border. The border itself contains a cross-hatch pattern with inscriptions remarking on the round’s silver content and weight. The reverse displays the NFC microchip that you can simply tap with your phone to scan through the application. Behind the tag is a repeating pattern of the MintID logo and the same cross-hatch border from the obverse. 

More MintID Silver at Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges is a proud provider of the MintID silver rounds. We also regularly carry the MintID silver bars, so check out our inventory! After you place your order, Bullion Exchanges will be sure to carefully package your items for safe delivery to you. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our silver rounds prices, other products, or for any information on our services.