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Gold bars are often the first choice for investors, especially in 5 -10 oz sizes. This is because gold is very liquid, and these sizes help add value to your investment portfolio quickly. Most gold bars today, regardless of the producer, are made from .9999 fine gold. Bars are a worthy investment, and collectors usually invest in bars for their ease of storage and liquidity. Bullion Exchanges carries cost-effective 5 and 10 oz gold bars at the best prices from only high-quality brands. 


5 and 10-ounce gold bars make great additions for those who want to add diversity to their portfolios. Although a larger size, these bars are priced at a better value than buying individual bars in smaller sizes. Gold bars often come in cast gold and minted ingots. 


The two main types of bars for gold are minted ingots and cast bars. Even though these bars share some similarities such as weight and metal content, these bar types vary widely in price.  

Minted ingots arrive in tamper-proof protective packaging with assay cards. These cards verify the weight, purity, metal content, and serial number that match the inscriptions of the bar. While cast bars also have serial numbers, minted ingots are typically more intricate. They begin as long cast bars, and the process is controlled by computers for extra precision. These bars are stamped and then are expertly cut. After that, they are engraved with inscriptions and the desired design. These designs are usually far more intricate than those on cast bars. Because of this delicate, high tech process, premiums for minted ingots tend to be higher.

Cast bars, on the other hand, usually only have a refinery logo stamped on them in addition to the weight, purity, and metal content. Because these bars tend to be straightforward with little-to-no extra design, these bars often have lower premiums. You cannot go wrong with investing in either type, and Bullion Exchanges carries both types for you to purchase.



Credit Suisse is another high-quality mint known worldwide for its precious metals. Both the falcon and Credit Suisse logo designs are extremely popular. All their bars wear their logo in a repeated tile pattern on the reverse.


Johnson Matthey was known as a global pioneer in exquisite precious metals refining. Their gold bars are .9999 pure gold with various designs and are no longer in production. Some are in secondary condition. Because these bars are no longer in production, their inventory is limited, which further expands their value as fine gold bars. 


PAMP Suisse is one of the top refineries renowned for expert quality and fantastic designs with .9999 pure gold bars. Additionally, many of their products feature anti-counterfeiting technology, making for a solidly protected investment. Browse the various gold bar designs such as Lady Fortuna, Am Yisrael Chai, Statue of Liberty, Romanesque Cross, Buddha, Rosa, Lakshmi, the Lunar Series, Love Always, and more. 


Global collectors trust the Perth Mint for their history of delivering stunning and high-quality products. Their 10-oz bar bears their classic design with their logo and inscriptions on the obverse. The reverse displays the Australian kangaroo in a silhouette pattern. There is also the highly-prized Oriana design, known to collectors and investors as one of the most beautiful gold bars. 


The Republic Metals Corporation is out of business, but it produced incredible products during its time. Each gold bar is .9999 pure gold, sold with an assay card, and has a secure, unique serial number. On top of that, all their gold was locally sourced, making for an ethical purchase.


These simple yet .9999 pure gold bars are a great option to start or increase a gold investment collection. All weights and purities are guaranteed, and these gold bars come from top-notch mints from around the world.


Gold has historically been a favorite and effective hedge against uncertain and suffering economies. Just like silver, gold bars come in many different sizes to invest in. The 5-ounce size is a wonderful choice for investors who are looking for an easy way to liquidate assets. Five and ten-ounce gold bars are also more cost-effective than purchasing individual one oz bars. Lastly, bars are often simple to store and tend to carry a low premium in comparison to coins.


When you are buying gold bars online, come to Bullion Exchanges for the best service, prices, and high-quality products. In addition to 5 and 10 oz gold bars, we also sell gold bars in 1 gram, 1 ounce, and 1 kilo. Bullion Exchanges carries a large selection of gold from top refineries around the world. We encourage you to inspect our inventory of precious metals products and deals to see that we definitely have the best prices. We thank you for choosing us as your trusted Precious Metals retailer. Feel free to contact our customer service with any questions about our products, deals, and services.