Industrial Silver Grain

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What is silver shot or silver grain?

Silver shot or silver grain refers to silver granules or globules, usually being around a ¼ inch in diameter. These silver granules have been purposely formed during the sterling silver casting process by throwing molten silver into cold water. This action makes silver break up into small silver globules which “condense” out of the water and solidify. Some manufacturers use advanced techniques to obtain regularly sized globules, yet the result is usually the same. Sterling silver casting grain is produced only by minting companies and refineries – governments don’t issue silver shot for sale because of its low margin above the spot.

The silver shot is usually .999 pure and provided in sealed bags which ensure the integrity of your purchase. These bags may also display a label that declares the authenticity and purity of silver that comes in various weight options. Most of them are larger sized bags because the silver grain carries a significantly lower premium over the spot price. Even though the silver shot is not legal tender or a collectible, it still carries a premium that covers the manufacturing expenses which are still minimal.

The use of silver grain

The fine silver casting grain is not intended as an investment or collectible item. Its main purpose is being a raw material for creating jewelry or other silver objects, like cast silver products or hand poured silver bars. The size of silver for casting makes it convenient for a craftsman or artisan to melt a certain amount of silver. From the precisely melted silver, he can easily obtain a delicate pair of earrings, a custom necklace or any jewelry items like bracelets, chains, watches, etc. This method is more accurate than hacking chunks off silver bars which in most cases results in shortfalls or wastage of silver. The silver shot can also be used in many types of industrial processes that produce high-tech components that need to be extremely conductive and non-corrosive. Thus, if you have a jewelry business or produce high tech equipment, buying silver grain from reputable precious metals retailers like Bullion Exchanges is a great option to get genuine silver with considerable savings.

However, the silver shot is not intended to be used as a collectible or investment option because of its difficulty to be appraised. Its structure of tiny nuggets of silver is very difficult to authenticate; therefore, it’s extremely hard to sell the silver shot on the bullion market. The difficulty underlies in the fact that the appraiser has to take out each silver grain out the many hundreds or thousands of granules in order to identify it. This examination process is basically impossible because its appraisal will cost a lot more than the silver value of the bag and will create liquidation problems.

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