Sunshine Mint Rounds

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Sunshine Mint is a well-known silver bullion producer which was founded in 1979 in Idaho, one of the richest silver places in the United States. Being the premier mint for United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and other international governmental mints, financial and private companies, Sunshine Mint is highly trusted for its MintMark SI™ security technology also used for producing silver bars and rounds. The company is recognized all over the world for their high purity and quality standards in manufacturing gold and silver bullion. Sunshine Mint has expanded adding two new locations in Shanghai, China in 2011 and Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013. They have established an exceptional reputation over the years by providing such unique measures against counterfeiting in its Sunshine Silver products.

The Sunshine Silver Round is also called “the other Silver Eagle”. Each Sunshine Mint Silver Round bears on the obverse, the company’s logo, the Sunshine minting silver eagle with the sun shining in the background, and on the reverse, the weight and .999 purity inscription, along with its innovative security mark. Sunshine Mint’s MintMark SI™ security feature makes their silver rounds one of the most authentic silver products available on the precious metals market. By decoding this special security mark using the Sunshine Mint Decoder Lens, the central design of the silver round will display the word “Valid” and after turning the decoders’ lens to 90 degrees, their specific sunburst design will appear. The MintMark SI™ is the most advanced security feature in the precious metal industry, making Sunshine Silver Rounds one of the most trustworthy silver round products in the world.

Sunshine Mint Silver Rounds are usually produced in sealed rolls of 20 rounds and with a total of 500 rounds per monster box. Every Sunshine Silver Round is eligible for Precious Metals IRAs, which means it can be used for diversifying your retirement plan with precious metals.

If you have questions about the Sunshine Mint’s unique security feature, or would like to place an order by phone, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 1-800-852-6884. We’re also available to provide assistance via our live chat feature, and also by email at [email protected].