Perth Mint Gold Coins



The most sought after gold bullion worldwide is here at Bullion Exchanges. Since 1896, the Perth Mint has been the benchmark for purity and quality when it comes to bullion. They have produced over 18 billion dollars' worth of pure gold, silver, and platinum to over 100 countries each year. When you buy a Perth Mint bar or coin, you know you're getting gold coins with the strictest quality standards.

 The Perth Mint is currently Australia's oldest operating mint. In 1970, they became independent from Great Britain's Royal Mint. The Perth Mint was initially started to service the gold rush, as well as the expanding population in Australia. In 1931, they began to make gold and silver coins. These quickly became the standard for bullion worldwide. 

Buying a gold coin from the Perth Mint equals exceptional quality, a high gold content, and various size options. Additionally, they are easy to sell, as investors and collectors around the world highly desire them. Additionally, the Perth Mint is a depository, the world's first sole government-backed one. 


The Perth Mint is known as one of the top mint's in the world because of its high degree of perfection when making precious metal products. Accreditations include the NY Commodity Exchange, London Bullion Market Association, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, and Toyko Commodity Exchange. These are the top five gold exchanges internationally. The Perth Mint is genuinely an elite mint with the highest of standards when it comes to gold bars and coins. 


The Perth Mint was most arguably renowned for its 13 oz .999999 fine gold proof plate in 1957. Even the Royal Mint ordered some of these 13 oz gold bars for their own standards. Even more impressive was the one-tonne gold coin introduced in 2011. This broke the world record for the most valuable and largest gold coin in the world (beating out the Maple Leaf). This red kangaroo coin has a face value of $1 million and is estimated to be worth $53 million. It weighs an impressive 31,150 troy ounces.   


Explore our collection of commemorative coins like the Battle of the Coral Sea, the War in the Pacific, and the Proof Gold Dolphin collection. The Perth Mint Commemorative coins feature proud moments of importance in Australian history and substantial military events.


The Lunar Series celebrates the Chinese Lunar Calendar and the 12 animals that accompany it. It is said that those born in the years of the animal take on their personality traits. The Perth Mint's lunar series started in 1996 with the "Year of the Mouse" coin in .999 pure gold. The cycle begins again for a third series with the 2020 "Year of the Mouse" coin in .9999 pure gold. The gold lunar series is one of the most valuable and highly desired gold bullion series. 


The kangaroo is arguably one of the most famous coin series produced by the Perth Mint. In 1986, the mint started with gold nugget designs and then switched three years later to the beloved kangaroo. The gold nuggets featured beautiful wildlife inhabitants, and the kangaroo has a design that changes yearly. The gold kangaroos were unique in the 1980s in that they featured two-toned frosted designs. Additionally, the kangaroo is one of a small amount of legal tender gold coins to change it's designs yearly. 


This gorgeous .9999 fine gold is one of the top three favorites of the Perth mint. The obverse features Queen Elizabeth II, an Ian Rank-Broadley design. The reverse features a new design of the adorable koala yearly. Browse through our collection and see designs such as the koala relaxing while chowing out on some gum leaves, walking on a tree branch, or peeking through branches of a eucalyptus tree. Get your hands on one of the purest collector coins available today.


The PAMP Veriscan works by scanning a precious metals piece, much like you would a fingerprint—identifying the surface print and recording it. Then, the owner of the coin or bar can scan it with an app or scanner. This will determine the authenticity of the coin or bar. The PAMP Veriscan is a highly reliable and easy-to-use system.


The Royal Australian Mint is unique in many ways. It was the first mint in Australia that wasn't founded as a branch of the British London Mint. Established in 1965, it produces all of the Australian circulation coins. Additionally, the mint produces many commemorative and bullion gold for collectors and investors. The Royal Australian Mint features designs include the popular Lunar Series, Kangaroo, and Commemorative coins. Furthermore, the Royal Australian Mint produces and sells coins to over 100 countries, including the production of coins for Fiji, Thailand, and New Guinea. The Royal Australian Mint is also an incredibly popular tourist hotspot open seven days a week. Tourists come to see robots make coins, a selection of historic coins, and to strike their coins. 


The gold coins that come from both the Royal Australian Mint and the Perth Mint are one of the largest collections of gold bullion produced in the precious metals market today. They are exceedingly desirable to investors and collectors for their high purity content, exceptional care and quality, and size options. You'll find many coins with .9999 pure gold that are IRA eligible.  





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