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Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) Silver Bars

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RCM silver bars, also known as Royal Canadian Mint silver bars, are manufactured by the leading Canadian coin producer which has over 100-years of experience. The Royal Canadian Mint, which mints RCM silver coins and RCM silver bars is slightly different than other silver producing companies in that it’s a company owned 100% by the Canadian government, while most companies that manufacture silver are privately owned.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s silver is very highly sought after among investors and silver bar collectors due to the Royal Canadian Mint’s prestige. Before the Canadians started to mint their own coins by founding the Royal Canadian Mint in 1908, the coins were minted by the Royal Mint of England in London. In 1890, Canada began to set in place its own Royal Mint for producing coinage, however, after 20 years it became necessary to open their first Canadian Mint facility in Ottawa. Even though the facility was opened under the Canadian authority, the mint was still technically owned by the Royal Mint of England. Only during the Great Depression, back in 1931, did the Royal Canadian Mint finally gain its independence from England. In 1976, the Royal Canadian Mint opened its second branch in Winnipeg. Nowadays, the Royal Canadian Mint is minting Canadian coins, bullion, and bars. The Royal Canadian Mint also mints coins for other countries around the world, and their amount is continuously increasing.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s Silver bars are available in a few different sizes and have almost the same design. Every Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar has both the name of the Royal Canadian Mint and the mintmark inscription on its front side, along with the weight inscription and the .9999 silver purity inscription, which means that their purity is higher than almost every other silver bar currently on the market. RCM silver bars are also eligible for the IRA registration.

Bullion Exchanges offers you two size types, 10oz. and 100oz. fine silver bars, from one of the most trusted and respected brands in the silver minting industry. Due to their incontestable prestige and high silver purity, Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars are one of the most desired silver bars available on the precious metal market.

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