Perth Mint Lunar Series Gold


About The Perth Mint Lunar Gold Coin

The Perth Mint Lunar series is available in Lunar Gold Coins, Lunar Silver Coins, and now Lunar Platinum coins. Lunar Series Coins are issued to commemorate the 12-year Chinese Calendar by featuring each of its symbols on the reverse side of the coins. According to Chinese culture, each animal has a very profound influence on those that are born under the "ruling" year. Thus, the Lunar Gold Coin is an excellent choice for unique occasion presents. The first Australian Lunar Gold Coins series produced by the Mint was introduced in 1996, with the "Year of Mouse" coin, and ended in 2007 with the issue of the "Year of Pig" coin. These Gold Lunar Coins were struck of .999 pure gold and carry a remarkably beautiful design that quickly became popular among investors and collectors.

The second Perth Mint Gold Lunar Coins series was released in 2008, with the "Year of Mouse" coin, and expected to end in 2019. Each lunar gold coin minted within the second series is .9999 pure gold. The Gold Lunar Series is one of the most valuable and highly desired gold bullion products. Furthermore, they are both commemorative and legal tender Australian Gold coins. The Perth Mint is still striking the Lunar Gold Coins second series-- so they are easy to find. However, their mintage amounts are limited. Perth Mint bullion Lunar Series Gold Coins are the main competitor for the well-known Chinese Lunar Coins-- but are produced with higher gold content.

The third Perth Mint Gold Lunar Coins begins with the 2020 “Year of the Mouse” coin. This series continues with the .9999 pure gold purity and continues to be exceptionally popular with collectors and investors around the world. 

Main Sizes Of The Perth Mint Lunar Gold Coins

Perth Mint Gold Coins produced within the Lunar Series are available in several weight options, including the standard and well known one troy ounce gold coin, as well as fractional sizes of ½ oz., ¼ oz., 1/10 oz., 1/20 oz., and 1/25 oz. Each Lunar Gold Coin is encased in a special air-tight hard plastic capsule to preserve its quality. Also, the coins come in bulk-- in special sealed rolls.

The Design Of The Perth Lunar Gold Coin

Inspired by ancient Chinese traditions, each Gold Perth Mint Lunar Coin depicts one of the 12 iconic animals of the Chinese Lunar calendar: the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, the pig, the mouse, the ox, the tiger and the rabbit. Each of these animals, including the only mythical creature, the dragon, symbolizes a particular virtue of the Chinese culture. One specific feature of all Perth Mint coins is that on the obverse side of all gold coins is the image of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The portrait is the courtesy of the remarkable artist Ian Rank-Broadley. The inscriptions "Australia," and "Elizabeth II" surround it.

Additionally, you'll find the coin's face value, mintage year, and gold content marks. The latest gold coin from the third series, the "Year of Mouse" features a curious mouse climbing atop a wheat stalk as he gazes towards the sky. The reverse side of the coin also contains the mintmark, the "Mouse 2020" inscription and the Chinese character for the word "Mouse." Each coin from the Gold Lunar Coin series is an outstanding piece of craftsmanship produced by the Perth Mint.

Additional Silver & Platinum Lunar Series Coins


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