Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo Coins

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Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo Coins

The Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo coin was first introduced in 2018, making it a recent addition to the Gold and Silver Kangaroo collection. The Platinum Kangaroo coin is only struck in a 1 troy ounce size for now. However, this coin is the perfect complement to any Australian coin, including the Platinum Koala coins. The Perth Mint Kangaroo coins were one of the first to feature an annual redesign! This is what makes the Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo coins so widely collected.


Perhaps Australia’s most well-known animal, the kangaroo is a famous marsupial indigenous only to this country. It is an herbivore that mainly gets around by hopping, and a marsupial, which means it can carry its young in a pouch on its body. Kangaroos are also often a mascot for Australian sports teams, and it is believed that the amount of kangaroos in Australia outnumbers the citizens living there! Out of all the coins that Australia strikes, the Perth Mint Kangaroo coin is one of the most famous and distinctive programs.


Unlike the Gold Kangaroos, the Platinum Kangaroo coins always feature the same classic design year after year. The Perth Mint Kangaroo coins maintain the same image of a kangaroo hopping “midair” on the center of the reverse. Surrounding the animal is a sun and a wavy-lined border. On the border is where you will find the inscriptions that note the coin’s year, weight, purity, and “AUSTRALIAN KANGAROO”. Its face value is 100 Australian dollars.


You can always count on Bullion Exchanges to carry Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo coins and other Perth Mint coins for you to purchase! More Australian Platinum coins you can find in stock include the Lunar Series coins and Koala coins. In case you have any questions about the Perth Mint Platinum Kangaroo coins, please do not hesitate to reach out to our expert customer service team. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our products and services.