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About Sunshine Mint

The Sunshine Mint is a well-known North American company founded in 1979. The mint is located in one of the most silver-rich American territories – Idaho. The company is specialized in producing gold barssilver bars, and silver rounds, as well as processing other precious metals. Yet, due to the location of the mint, most of its production consists of silver bullion. Sunshine is recognized all over the world as the exclusive blank silver coins’ supplier for the United States Mint and other international governmental and private mints. This highly reputable mint also produces blank silver coins for other private corporations, financial institutions, major marketing companies, and individuals worldwide. Moreover, Sunshine is the manufacturer of the private Liberty Dollar, American Silver Eagle, and America the Beautiful coins. The company also provides vault storage services, and custom minting services to its valued customers. Sunshine silver bars and rounds are very popular among investors and collectors thanks to their high purity and quality standards.

The History

The Sunshine Minting Inc. (SMI) was founded in 1979 in Idaho, Coeur d’Alene and throughout the years have built an outstanding reputation by creating products of exceptional quality. Their headquarter mint is located in Idaho, but the company also opened two new locations in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013, and Shanghai, China in 2011. Aside from its manufacturing facilities, the company has several additional sales offices in Argentina, Canada, and Austria. Although the mint is well known for being consistent with its product offerings, the company sometimes makes new design releases, like the SS Gairsoppa Shipwreck Sunshine Silver Bar. For the production of this commemorative bar, Sunshine used a part of the silver recovered in 2010 belonging to the British transport vessel. SS Gairsoppa was carrying silver from India to London during the First World War when it was sunk by Germans.  

Sunshine Mint Bullion

The mint produces a large variety of precious metals bullion, from ½ oz. to 100 oz. silver and 1 gram to 1 kg gold bullion. Each Sunshine bullion contains its hallmark: the image of the soaring eagle. Sunshine silver rounds and bars, along with gold bars, are all guaranteed for weight and fineness and are IRA-eligible. The security and authenticity of their precious metals products are of the utmost importance to the mint. Each Sunshine bullion is protected against counterfeiting by way of their new innovative Mint Mark SI™ security feature: a micro-engraving which can be viewed and authenticated only by using the Sunshine Minting special decoder lens. However, some special edition Sunshine products, like the 10-ounce SS Gairsoppa Shipwreck Silver Bar, don’t have this unique security feature. Instead, these bullion products are sold accompanied by an assay card that contains a unique verifiable serial number.

Due to their innovative security feature and high-quality approach, Sunshine silver rounds and bars, as well as Sunshine gold bars are coveted offerings. If you have questions about Sunshine bars and rounds, we encourage you to contact us at 800.852.6884. We’re also readily available online through the use of our live chat, or via email at