Asahi Refining

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About Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining is one of the newest private mints on the precious metals market. However, their refinery business is not new. The company purchased Johnson Matthey’s gold and silver facilities located in USA and Canada which carry a history of about 200 years of refining and minting precious metals in 2015. Asahi Refining began operating out of its first two facilities in March 2015. These two facilities in Salt Lake City and Brampton are operating under the Asahi Refining name, while the third facility located in Canada, St. Catharines, is registered as Niagara Investment Castings, a division of the Asahi Refining Canada Ltd.

The History of Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining is the child company of Japanese Asahi Holdings. This corporation founded in Tokyo in 1952 has two major offices located both in Tokyo and in Kobe. Asahi Holdings’ main businesses are in refining and distribution of rare and precious metals, like platinum in particular, as well as silver, gold and palladium, along with industrial and hazardous wastes’ treatment and detoxification. The company gained popularity after acquiring Johnson Matthey in July 2015.  The deal between these two companies was announced back in December 2014, but the three facilities, located in Salt Lake City, USA, Brampton and St. Catharines in Canada, were sold for $186 million only in summer 2015. Johnson Matthey is a well-known British corporation specialized in chemicals and sustainable technologies. The company was founded back in 1817 in London, by Percival Norton Johnson, who later partnered with George Matthey to create Johnson Matthey in 1851. In the same year, the company was appointed as the Bank of England official assayer and refiner and won the Queen’s Technological Achievement Award in 1976 for being the creators of the catalytic converters used to manage vehicle pollution. Johnson Matthey silver bars, along with Engelhard silver bars, were extremely popular silver bullion back in the seventies. However, during the last decades, Johnson Matthey decided to stop producing precious metal bullion and sold its refinery lines to Asahi Refining.

Asahi Refining Bullion

Asahi Refining continues to produce bullion of the finest quality. Asahi Silver Bars are available in sizes options from 1 ounce up to 1000 ounces. The first bullion product struck by Asahi Refining was the 100 oz. silver bar. The newly minted silver bars look similar to Johnson Matthey silver bars of the same size: they resemble the same matte finish and rough edges with vertically arranged engravings from the top to the bottom of the bar’s obverse side. The top engraving is the new Asahi Refining logo: an oval with the “Assayers, Refiners” inscription inside and “Asahi SLC” outside it. The bottom engraving contains the standard LBMA qualifiers: the purity, weight, and the assayer’s mintmark.

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