Credit Suisse Platinum Bars

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Credit Suisse History

A global investment bank and financial services firm founded and based in Switzerland, Credit Suisse maintains offices around the world. Founded in 1856 to help fund the development of Switzerland's rail system, Credit Suisse Group AG began shifting to retail banking in order to respond to competition from fellow Swiss banks, as well as to keep up with the elevation of the middle class. In 1967 Credit Suisse purchased 80% of the Valcambi Refinery, and ended up purchasing the remaining 20% in 1980. This action made Valcambi Refinery a subsidiary of Credit Suisse.

Credit Suisse Products

Credit Suisse's bullion products are among the most trusted, popular, easy to carry, and easy to store bullion products in the world. They are also relatively easy to convert into cash, as they are very recognizable among precious metals dealers and retailers across the globe. Credit Suisse is known for their gold, silver, and platinum bullion bars, and they also manufacture palladium bars as well.

Credit Suisse Platinum Bars

Credit Suisse produces platinum bullion bars in a variety of sizes. These include 1 gram, 2 gram,5 gram,1 oz, and even 10 oz bars! The wide range offered by Credit Suisse allows investors with any sized budget to diversify their portfolio with platinum. Purchase your Credit Suisse platinum bar today!