Rand Refinery

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Rand Refinery silver bars are .999 fine silver and feature random designs on the back. Some of the popular designs include Year of the Snake, Year of the Horse, and Loscondonta (South African Elephants). The front of this silver bar is always the same—with the Rand Refinery logo and weight and purity. 


These gorgeous .9999 fine gold bars, and other gold bullion, from the Rand Refinery, are responsibly-sourced gold. Hence, they are a great way to buy gold ethically. Check out 5 gram and 10 gram Rand Refinery Mirage Gold bars. Both bars contain the Rand Refinery logo, purity, weight, and unique serial number on the front. The back is a gorgeous image of a mother elephant and her sweet baby "mirroring" each other. Additionally, the sides on the back are of different finishes-- making this bar unique. The sun is setting at their back. The bars come in protective assay cards with the unique serial number on the card.  


The Rand Refinery is one of the largest precious metals (single-site) refineries on earth. In fact, they produced almost 1/3 of all the gold in the world since their opening nearly 100 years ago. Arguably the most famous refinery in the world, they produce coins, medallions, coin blanks, and gold and silver bars. Their gold produces the South African Krugerrands. Krugerrands are precious metal coins highly popular in trade and value the world over. In 1920, the Chamber of Mines in South Africa started this trusted refinery, and they have been known for their high-quality craftsmanship ever since.  


Gold and silver bars are a great way to diversify your investment portfolio and a lucrative way to invest your cash. You can usually buy gold and silver bars at low premiums and a variety of different sizes. Also, they are an ideal way to stack and store and are easy to trade, buy, and sell. Like bullion coins and rounds, they are still very aesthetically pleasing and uniquely designed. If you want a practical way to buy a specific weight of gold or silver-- precious metal bars are the way to go.


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