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About Scottsdale Mint

Since the demand for precious metal bars and coins continues to increase every year, more and more private facilities around the globe aim to produce their most exclusive bullion products. The Scottsdale Mint is not an exception. It’s a renowned private American mint with a different concept for their bullion. While most mints focus on recreating and featuring historic designs, Scottsdale manufacturers a wide range of precious metal items with different styles and unique designs, such as the Egyptian Relic Silver Series and the Biblical Silver Series. Scottsdale bullion products are truly exclusive, unlike any other existing series, which makes them fun, valuable and highly awaited to collect. The mint also collaborates with many foreign reserve banks to produce legal tender bullion coins for their countries, like Congo, Fiji, and Chad.

The History of the Scottsdale Mint

The Scottsdale Mint is a US mint located in Arizona, the Phoenix suburb of the city of Scottsdale. The company was founded as a private mint and it doesn’t produce coins for the United States. The company solely manufactures silver and gold bullion products such as bars, rounds as well as coins for other foreign governments. The mint is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company being committed to environmentally responsible sourcing for its precious metals. A significant portion of the silver products of the mint comes from the recycled silver acquired from manufacturing and photography industries. The company also promotes a rooted culture of quality, innovation, integrity, and sustainability, as well as a passion for new and ingenious designs.

Scottsdale Mint Bullion

The designers of the Scottsdale Mint are renowned all around the globe for their unique creativity showcased on their exceptional products. The Tombstone gold round and silver bars are famous for having a one-of-a-kind rugged (dimpled) finish, being reminiscent of the Old Western days in Tombstone, Arizona, the time when bars were crudely hammered into their shapes. The Bisbee silver bars and rounds reproduce the old-time mining operations in the West by featuring the unique poured appearance and rustic feel. Also, some of the most popular Scottsdale gold  and silver bullion items are the stacker bars and rounds which have a one-of-a-kind contrasting convex and concave striking of the two sides, allowing them to stack with each other easily.

Another bullion program, the unparalleled Scottsdale Silver Bible series contains over 60 releases struck in stunning high-relief, each coin featuring a well-known biblical story. Every year, the Mint issues six new coins made from 2 oz. of .999 fine silver and representing a new dynamic and engaging image of popular stories from the Bible. The majestic Scottsdale Viking Silver Coins Series pays homage to the Norse culture by depicting 15 Viking kings, gods, and warriors, such as Odin, Thor, and Ragnar. Each coin consists of 2 oz. of 99.9% pure silver and has a special antique finish, beautiful high-relief, and rimless design, being produced with a limited issue of 1,999 pieces.  

The latest and highly popular silver and gold coin series issued by the mint is the Egyptian Relic Series, which was inspired by real hieroglyphics from Ancient Egypt. These superb coins bear the special rimless design and replicate the hand-carved images of the Egyptian hieroglyphics. Struck from .999 fine silver and .9999 pure gold, these coins are legal tender in the Republic of Chad. The exclusive feature of the silver editions is their thickness, 11.8 mm for the 5 oz. and 4.75 mm for the 2 oz. coin while the gold coin has a standard 1 oz. size.

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