Coins From Around The World

Gold Coins From Around The World

As long as civilization has existed, gold has been used as a store of value and has been traded as a commodity. Once governments were established, gold was converted into coin form so that it could be traded more easily as well as represent the country of its origin. Gold coins have been produced and used around the world for thousands of years. Gold coinage has a rich history within the past 250 years, especially within Europe.

Nowadays, many government mints all over the world produce various outstanding gold bullion products. Bullion Exchanges proudly carries gold coins from many countries all over the world. Here you’ll find coins from countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Oceania region, and Central and South America.

These coins carry interesting, historic, and unique designs that are prized by coin collectors and investors everywhere. The gold purity of these coins ranges from .900 on older European coins to .999 and .9999 on modern bullion coins. Bullion Exchanges is proud to bring you these coins from every corner of the world. Add them to your collection today!

World Gold Coins Sizes and Designs

The designs of the international gold coins are unique and this is the reason why world bullion coins attract collectors and investors who are eager to own exceptional gold coin pieces that aren’t so popular on the market. Through the images depicted on the coins, numismatists and collectors have the opportunity to see a part of each country’s values, history, and culture. Most gold bullion coins produced around the world have a common 1 troy ounce size, however, there are plenty of releases that also come in other varying weights. The details about each gold coin's diameters, thickness, and gold content are included in their individual specifications.

Be sure to browse through our full selection of gold coins from around the world. If you have any questions about these remarkable pieces of worldwide gold coinage, please reach out to a Bullion Exchanges associate at 800.852.6884. You can connect with us online via our live chat, or via email at [email protected].