Gold Coins From Africa

The African Gold Coins: Sizes and Designs

The most popular gold items among African Gold Coins are the South African Gold Krugerrands and Gold Sovereigns. However, there are also other types of the African Gold Coins that are preferred by investors and collectors all over the world. One of these gold coins from Africa is the Somalian Elephant Gold Coin, that quickly became famous despite its intriguing coinage history. The Somalian Gold Elephant is produced in various size options, from the most popular 1 oz. weight, which is available in both bullion and proof versions, down to fractional sizes of 1/2 gram, 1/50 oz., 1/25 oz., 1/20 oz. and 1/10 oz. or up to the largest 5 oz. gold coin, which is issued only in proof editions and in very limited quantities. Even though each Somalian Gold Elephant coin is minted with a denomination, the status of the coin as a legal tender is still a subject of controversy. Although its manufacturer, the Bavarian State Mint strikes the coin on behalf of a government letter of authorization to produce these coins as belonging to the Somalian nation, which was presented by Babatunde Bobulobolou, the Central Bank of Somalia denies that these coins are official Somalian legal tender coins. This denial is mostly the result of the country’s constant political strife, that is influencing the perception of the coin’s face value. However, it’s still certain that the Gold Somalian Elephant coins are produced of the highest purity in accordance with the international coin standards.  For this reason, these coins are appreciated by collectors and investors despite the argument regarding their legal tender status.


The Somalian Gold Elephant Coin

The first Somalia Elephant Coin was released in 2004 as silver and gold coin series editions. The Somalian Gold Elephant Coin collection included a large variety of coin sizes, bullion and proof finishes and gold and silver combination coins. What makes the Somalian Gold Elephant coin truly special is its impressive coinage history. Being first introduced as the African Wildlife Series, the coins’ name suggested that these gold coins commemorate various species that can be found on the African continent. However, the only animal that appeared on the African Wildlife Series coins is the elephant. Another interesting fact is that these coins were originally produced as coins of the Zambia’s nation since 1999. Only in 2004, these African Wildlife series started to be struck as Somalian gold coins and changed their names. During the entire period, the coins were manufactured at the Bavarian State Mint. Every year the design of the reverse side of the Somalian Elephant Coin is changed, each time featuring the elephant in its natural wildlife habitat. The latest 2016 Gold Elephant coin features a majestic elephant that is tromping through the savannah. Other impressive designs issued over time include the 2006 Somalian Gold Elephant coin that depicts a male elephant with its trunk raised high and standing defiantly in the foreground or the 2013 gold coin, that featured a group of elephants near a river seeking refreshment. Besides each year’s unique image, the reverse side always features the inscriptions “Elephant”, “African Wildlife” and the weight, metal content and purity marks. On the obverse side of the coin is depicted the Somalian Coat of Arms, represented by two leopards holding a shield which contains a star on a horizontally lined background and a ribbon draped over two crossed palm fronds and two crossed lances beneath. On the obverse side of the coin is also engraved the coin’s face value and the mintage date that is split into two digits on each side of the shield.


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