Gold Coins From Somalia

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Gold investors seeking to add diversity to their portfolio should definitely consider Somalian Gold Coins. Interestingly, the Bavarian State Mint, located in Germany, produces these coins. Celebrating the success of their Silver Elephant Coin series starting in 1999, the Bavarian Mint began producing the Somalian Gold Elephant coins a few years later. Intriguingly, these elephants, the only animal coins included in the “African Wildlife Series”, remain ever popular across the globe. This might be partially due to the design changes every year. Because of this, collectors who love to diversify their portfolios keep buying these Somali elephant coins. 


Initially, the country of Zambia minted gold elephant coins until 2004, when Somalia took over production. The Bavarian Mint claims to have received legal authorization that year to transfer the series to the Republic of Somalia. However, there remains a bit of confusion as to who officially can claim the series as their own. The contention may be blamed, according to some investors, on the ever-present political unrest continuously disrupting the East African region. The lack of appropriate documentation officially allowing the Bavarian Mint to strike these elephant coins on behalf of Somalia troubles many collectors. Despite this issue, gold coin enthusiasts continue to purchase these challenging gold elephant coins due to their high gold purity and beautiful designs. 


Somalian Gold Elephant Coins come in a large variety of denominations and weights. Shillings, the basic monetary unit used in several African countries, measure the face value of these African gold elephant coins. However, their status as legal tender remains in contention. Also, these elephant coins from Somalia are minted in weights ranging from a ½ gram to 1 kilogram. The face values of these coins start as low as 20 shillings. Additionally, the face value increases to up to 2,000 Somali shillings. 


Coin specifications:

The specifications for the most commonly bought variety of Somalian Gold coin, the 1 ounce Gold Elephant:

  • Purity: 99.99% Fine Gold

  • Gold Content: 1 troy oz

  • Weight: 31.1 grams

  • Diameter: 39 mm

  • Thickness: 1.9 mm


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