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About Republic Metals Corporation

Republic Metals Corporation is a full-service 150,000+ precious metal mint with an annual refining capacity of over 7,000 tons of silver and gold combined. RMC silver and gold bullion are well known by collectors and investors thanks to the company’s use of  “green refining technology”. By using this technology, each RMC gold barsRMC silver bars, and RMC silver round minted by the company is guaranteed to be of the highest product purity and full commitment to environment protection. RMC is listed on the COMEX, LMBA, SBMA, and SGE and is recognized by Responsible Jewelry Council, Ethical Alliance, and Conflict-Free Smelter Initiative.

The History of Republic Metals Corporation

The Republic Metals Corporation was founded by Richard Rubin in Miami, Florida back in 1980. Since its initial investment of only $2,500, the company has grown into one of the largest precious metals refineries in the world. In 1985, RMC started to work with major medical, electronics, and telecommunication companies to process and refine scrap metal. The next year Republic Metals Corporation became an IPMI member. Republic Metals Corporation is the first American precious metals refinery to achieve compliance with the ISO:14001 standards for using “green refining technology”, through which it reduces negative environmental consequences caused by the company’s mining operations. Beginning in 2008, the corporation became an Associate Member of LBMA and in 2011, it opened its first facility outside the United States Toronto, Canada. Republic Metals Corporation was recently listed as one of the five non-Chinese refiners on the Shanghai Gold Exchange and earned the Responsible Jewelry Council Certification in 2015.

Republic Metals Corporation Bullion

RMC’s most popular bullion types are the Republic Metals silver bar, the Republic Metals gold bar, and Republic Metals silver rounds available in various design and size options, from 1 oz. to 1 kg and 1000 oz. Bars are usually preferred by collectors and investors because they don’t carry significant premiums and can be easily sold, counted, and stored. Each bullion bar features the Republic Metals Corporation trademark, the name of the RMC refinery, the weight, and the purity stamp, along with its unique serial number. RMC silver rounds feature famous designs, like the Buffalo Design and the Bull vs. Bear, as well as their iconic Republic Metals Corporation Silver round. All the rounds produced by the Republic Metals Corporation are available in 1 oz. size options.

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