Perth Mint Koala Gold Coins

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About the Perth Mint Koala Gold Coin

Perth Mint Gold Koala Coins are among the newest gold bullion products offered by the mint. These Australian Gold Coins follow the mint’s concept of depicting the most beloved iconic Australian animals on the reverse side design of the coins. The first Koala Gold Coins were released in 2008 and quickly became famous among collectors and investors all over the world due to their distinct depiction of the beautiful koala on each year’s issue and high gold purity content of the coin. Each Gold Koala coin is made of .9999 pure gold with its design focused on the koala as well as, the eucalyptus tree because its leafs serve as the koala’s main dietary source. On different editions of the koala coins can be seen either a young or an adult koala, or a group of koalas, thus increasing the interest in these coins. The Gold Koala program, as well as other coin programs of the Perth Mint have limited mintage policies, meaning that once the limit for each year is met, the mint won’t produce any more coins within the year’s series, making some of the size options very hard to find, like the 2015 1/10 oz. Gold Koalas of only 1,500 coins. Each coin is legal tender in Australia, IRA eligible and is sold in a special mint package to retain its value, purity, and quality.

Main Sizes of the Perth Mint Koala Gold Coins

Gold Koala coins are struck only in proof-like versions in several specific weight options, which are slightly different from the silver versions of the coin. Gold Koalas are available in 1 oz. high-relief proof coins, fractional sizes of 1/25 oz., 1/10 oz., ¼ oz. and ½ oz. with the largest weight offered being the 2 oz. gold coin. Each of these coins is made of .9999 fine gold and carries its established face value: the 2 oz. Gold Koala has a face value of $200 AUD, the 1 oz. of $100 AUD, the ½ oz.of $50 AUD, the ¼ oz. of $25 AUD, 1/10 oz. of $15 AUD and the 1/25 oz. has a face value of $4 AUD. The denomination of Gold Koala coins is established in correlation with its weight, except for the 1/10 oz. coin with its face value uncorrelated with its weight. Just like Gold Kangaroo coins, the Perth Mint also produces Mini Koala Gold Coins of 0.5 grams with a face value of $2 AUD.

The Design of the Perth Mint Koala Gold Coin

Like any other Gold coins manufactured by the Perth Mint, the obverse side of the Gold Koala Coin features British sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley’s right facing effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. On the obverse side of the coin are also engraved the words “Elizabeth II”, ”Australia” and the face value of the coin. The reverse side of the coin changes every year but always depicts the famous Australian koala in its natural habitat with different characteristics. On the latest 2015 coin issue, an adult koala is depicted as sitting in a tree crook, with its look fixed on a distant object. The fur of the gorgeous koala is incredibly detailed and its claws on its hands are holding on firmly to the trees’ branches. The Outback rolling hills are visible in the background on the image, surrounded by the inscriptions of the coin’s name, weight, and purity. On the reverse side of the Gold Mini Koalas are engraved only the purity, weight and gold content marks.

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