Sell Your Gold and Silver to Bullion Exchanges

Finding a reputable and trustworthy precious metals dealer is half the battle when deciding to sell your gold or silver. Here at Bullion Exchanges, we pride ourselves on offering a customer-oriented experience, by providing you with fair, market-driven prices and no hidden fees whatsoever for your gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and coins. We offer you the most competitive industry prices as valued by our professional, experienced appraisers.

Sell your precious metals to us by visiting the Bullion Exchanges retail store in New York City’s Diamond District or complete the sale online by shipping your scrap, old jewelry, bars, and coins to us. You can contact us by phone or through our website form to receive a fast and fair quote. You’ll receive an email where you will confirm your sale. Please note that at this stage we require a 10% credit card deposit to lock in the quoted price. This deposit will be returned to you upon receipt and authentication of your items. If you are mailing your items, be sure to safely package the box and use either priority or registered mail with full insurance to protect against errors by the mail service. Following the verification of your products, you can count on receiving your payment within two to three days, either by check or wire transfer.

It is our mission to make the sale of your gold and silver fast, convenient, and hassle-free. Drop in for yourself at 30 West 47th Street Store 1, open Monday - Friday from 9 AM – 5 PM EST. Alternatively, contact our appraisers through our convenient web portal today for a competitive quote!

Sell Precious Metals

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