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While many numismatics relish coin collecting and coin value, investors are often looking to cheapc gold online at low premium gold prices or as close to the spot price as possible. Whether you’re looking to invest in the lowest premium gold coins or silver coins, collect rare coins, or want to learn more about precious metals and coin value in general, our learning center articles provide advice straight from the mouth of experts. When it comes to purchasing low premium gold, there is often a wealth of advice about the best way to do it. We’ve rounded up some tips from experts around the world to share with you in a quick and easy to read format. If you would like additional information, feel free to chat with, or email us, and our knowledgeable team will be happy to help.

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    • First, check out the spot price, or current market value, of the precious metal, of various bullion bars, rounds and coins. The lowest premium gold coins and silver spot prices are listed in real time to view.

    • Know that almost all gold bullion has a “premium over spot” which is the additional cost/coin value of a precious metal over the actual melt value. Gold coins tend to have a higher premium—so look to buy bullion bars and rounds.

    • Check online for the best place to buy gold online and to view prices on gold bars and coins. At Bullion Exchanges, we pride ourselves on being one of the most reputable bullion dealers in the United States. We price match our products to give you the most competitive pricing in the industry. Through a dealer, you can ensure that you are receiving authentic gold bullion and the lowest premium gold coins.

So why is there a difference between spot price and the actual cost of gold coins, bars, and rounds? Prices can vary based on many factors. Is the coin certified? Is it in mint condition? How rare is the coin? What is the coin value? How popular is the coin? Where is it minted? If you’re looking for a low premium, you’ll need to be aware of these factors and realistic on what you can purchase. .

Gold Rounds vs Gold Bars vs Gold Coins

  • Gold bars, usually struck from .999+ gold, are a great option if you are looking to buy low premium gold. They also make it easy to store and stack your investment. Gold bullion bars come in a variety of sizes, fluctuating from 1 troy ounce to 32 troy ounces. They are a popular investment piece and are easily traded, sold and bought.

  • Gold rounds would be the next lowest cost option. Gold bullion rounds are struck from .9167+ gold and are designed and minted from a manufacturer. You'll see them typically sold in one-ounce sizes, although they do vary. However, they are usually the least popular as they are less aesthetically pleasing to collectors and do not have a face value backed by a government.

  • Gold coins are the most expensive and marked at the highest premium and are .999+ in purity. This is often because they carry a face value, or legal tender, and are sponsored by a government. They can also be harder to counterfeit. Many are beautifully designed by artists and are popular with both investors and collectors. At Bullion Exchanges, we pride ourselves in providing the lowest premium gold coins.

How to Save When Buying Gold Coins

  • Shop in volume when possible. Many times, you can buy gold at a lower premium price when you purchase in higher quantities.

  • Often Numismatic Coins are at a higher premium than the value of the precious metal they are minted from. Keep an eye on certain coins that get close in price to their melt value. These low premium gold and silver coins are a worthy investment, as the growth of both spot price and collector value will undoubtedly increase over time.

  • Buy one-ounce coins if it’s in your budget.

  • Keep an eye on our weekly market analysis to see when the best time to buy gold is. When prices dip, you can often find coins like the US Vintage or rare coins at a lower cost. Examples are coins no longer minted, such as the $20 Double Eagle. If the demand for this coin were to grow, the value and premium of the coin would increase. Investment opportunities abound when buying gold, but it is essential to keep up to date on market demands and premium pricing.

According to experts, precious metals are almost guaranteed to see a stable market, if not grow as the demand for precious metals in investing, collecting, and industrial uses expand. Gold bullion bars, coins, and rounds are all a smart way to build an excellent investment or retirement portfolio. Gold continues to stand the test of time!

Experts agree that the demand for precious metals is expected to increase over time, so NOW is the time to invest.

Popular Gold Coins To Invest In

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