MintShield Protects Against Milk Spots

One form of innovative technology that has silver bullion collectors and investors rejoicing is the Royal Canadian Mint’s newest improvement, announced in February of 2018. After spending a great deal of time studying what exactly causes those pesky white spots which, while not devaluing the coin, detract from the aesthetic value of its beautiful reflective surface, this prestigious mint has announced its brand new, proprietary MINTSHIELD technology. Every Silver Maple Leaf holding a 2018 date and onwards will be minted utilizing this exciting new technology.

One of their largest focuses while tackling the milk spot problem was a solution that would not detract from the purity or composition of any coin. MINTSHIELD successfully protects the value, finish, and texture of the coins while reducing the occurrence of milk spots and significantly reduces the appearance of the milk spots for years. This new addition to the Royal Canadian Mint’s silver bullion is invisible and beneficial, protecting your valuable investments.

This latest innovation was born from Royal Canadian Mint’s desire to offer a protection against spotting to their loyal collectors that would work but be invisible. This process began four years ago because in order to conquer the effect, the cause had to be determined. It was quickly discovered that the cause could not be narrowed down to one single factor. The largest issue that seems to play a role in these spots forming is the reaction of silver with certain contaminants during the minting process. Handling and storage also play their parts in the process.

One of the main issues addressed which slowed down the release of this proprietary technology was the need for it to be applied on a large scale. No matter how great the effects, if it significantly slowed down production, it would not have been a feasible solution. When the Royal Canadian Mint was able to apply it on a large scale with steady and successful results, MINTSHIELD was finally able to be applied to their famous Silver Maple Leaf. Furthermore, it can be safely applied to coins of a variety of textures and finishes.

This mint, which took the numismatic world by storm in 1988 with the first release of the Silver Maple Leaf, a coin that would grow to be one of the most popular worldwide, prides itself on staying at the cutting edge of the latest and greatest in bullion technology and innovation.

The Royal Canadian Mint has proven once again that they truly value their customers. Milk spots have plagued collectors and investors for a number of years, with no simple solution or preventative made available. With MINTSHIELD firmly in place now, Canadian silver coins will never be the same.