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American Eagle coins remain among the world’s top silver bullion coins and gold bullion coins. Each American Silver Eagle coin portrays American heritage through Lady Liberty and the American Bald Eagle. Originally debuting in 1986, these coins have been a favorite ever since. This year, the 2021 American Silver Eagle coins will feature a brand new reverse design for the 35th anniversary. These 2021 Silver Eagle coins with the new reverse will be available later in the year, so the beginning of the year displays the original John Mercanti reverse one last time. After this issue, the John Mercanti Silver Eagle coins will be gone for good. 

Inspired by the Canadian Maple Leaf coins and the new Silver Britannia coins, the 2021 American Silver Eagle coins will not only bear a new image of a Bald Eagle but also 3-levels of security features. Since the Silver Eagle coins are world-famous, the US Mint set out to make its coin program far more secure against counterfeiting. Bullion editions of the 2021 American Eagle coins in both gold and silver are from the West Point Mint while proof versions are minted in San Francisco. Both remain consistently IRA eligible. 

Individual coins come in protective plastic packaging. Multiples of 20 come in mint tubes. Lastly, multiples of 500 come in monster boxes.


The Silver Eagle is every year without fail, one of our bestselling products in our catalog. This iconic series came into being in 1986 after the Liberty Coin Act authorized the American Silver Eagle coin program. Collectors have admired and coveted the original John Mercanti reverse design on the 1 troy oz, .999 fine silver coins. This purity and weight have grounded the 1 oz Silver Eagle coin as a staple for both collectors and investors alike. 

The obverse, which remains unchanged this year, features Adolph A. Weinman’s illustration known as the “Walking Liberty” design. This design was applied to the Walking Liberty Half Dollars, which ran from 1916-1947. The obverse of the 1 oz Silver Eagle coin shows Lady Liberty striding towards the rising sun with the American flag over her shoulders waving in the wind. Her right arm is outstretched as her other arm carries oak and olive branches. The rim reads “LIBERTY”, “IN GOD WE TRUST”, and “2021”. 

The reverse of the 2021 1 oz Silver Eagle coin released at the beginning of the year displays the US National Seal as styled by John Mercanti. A bald eagle with its wings outstretched holds a bundle of arrows in one talon and an olive branch in the other. It also effortlessly clutches a banner reading “E PLURIBUS UNUM” in its beak. A shield showing the US flag also sits on its chest. 13 stars representing the original 13 colonies form a triangle over the eagle’s head. . Inscriptions for “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, “1 OZ. FINE SILVER”, and “ONE DOLLAR” encircle the rim. 

However, the new 2021 Silver Eagle is embellished with an American Bald Eagle flying with an oak branch in its talons. The bird is surrounded by inscriptions including “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, “ONE DOLLAR”, “1 OZ. FINE SILVER”, and “E PLURIBUS UNUM”. This new design will be applied to both the Proof and Burnished Silver Eagle coins. The new 2021 Gold Eagle will also contain a new reverse image. At this time, neither the Platinumnor Palladium American Eagle coins are changing. 


The US Mint first struck Proof Silver Eagle coins alongside the Brilliant Uncirculated American Silver Eagle series in 1986. From 1986 to 1992, the San Francisco Mint proudly produced the Proof Silver Eagle coins, and each one contained the “S” mintmark. Later, from 1993 to 2000, they moved to the Philadelphia Mint, so they carried the “P” mintmark. Finally, the West Point Mint took over the minting for the Proof Silver Eagle coins from 2001 to 2008. 

After one year of no Proof Silver Eagle coin releases in 2009, the West Point Mint resumed production in 2010. The 2021 Proof Silver Eagle coins continue to be struck by the West Point Mint and feature the West Point mintmark. Additionally, the 2021 Proof Silver Eagle coins released at the start of 2021 display the original reverse image. Later releases in 2021 bear the new reverse design and security features. 


Bullion Exchanges also offers you graded American Eagle gold coins and American Eagle silver coins. Either NGC or PCGS certified and graded these coins. We carry both MS 69 and MS 70 coins and maybe First Strike, First Day of Issue, or Early Releases editions. First Strike and Early Releases mean that the coin is guaranteed to have been shipped from the mint within the first 30 days of release. First Day of Issue coins take this a step further and are shipped out for grading on the first day of the coin’s release.