Antiqued High Relief Silver Coins

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Antiquated High Relief Silver Coins

Bullion Exchanges is excited to introduce these brand new, special, bi-metallic coins! These silver and copper collectible coins contain intricate, high relief, stunning designs that feature well-known historical people to mythological figures from Asian cultures. All these new releases come with a mint-issued box that thematically complements the character, and arrives with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

Bi-metallic coins are not silver mixed with other metals. These bi-metallic coins are produced with a special process called Bi-Metal Plus. This process requires completely sandwiching a copper center between layers of .999 fine silver. These ultra-high relief coins are completed with an antique finish.

Within the bi-metallic coin collection, there are series. There is the Nine Worthies Series, Four Auspicious Beasts Series, Chinese Gods Series, Ramakien Series, and Eight Protectors Series. Every bi-metallic coin has a low mintage, so if you want one, act fast!

Nine Worthies Series

The Nine Worthies Series honors nine historical, scriptural, and legendary people who live up to the “chivalrous ideal.” This chivalrous standard was defined by Jacques de Longuyon in his book The Vows of the Peacock. Three prominent groups came forth in his writing: the Pagan, Christian, and Jewish peoples. Every person focused on in this book will be spotlighted on a special, high relief coin. The first release of this collection was the Hector of Troy coin.

Chinese Gods Series

The Chinese Gods bi-metallic coin series gives life to the mythic characters from the beloved Chinese novel, Journey to the West.  This novel was written by Wu Cheng’en in the 16th Century during the Ming dynasty. Furthermore, this novel is among the Four Classical Chinese Novels, and possibly one of the most popular pieces of Chinese literature in East Asia of all time. The final release in the series showcases the Monkey King vs Erlang Shen.

Four Auspicious Beasts

The Four Auspicious Beasts is a coin collection designed to honor the guardians of the main four cardinal directions. The guardians include the Azure Dragon of the East, Vermillion Bird of the South, the White Tiger of the West, and the Black Turtle of the North. Early astrologers from ancient China interpreted the constellations to identify these beasts. Each guardian has a specific color associated with the soil in that direction of China, and they connect with 4/5 of the main elements. The first release was the Azure Dragon of the East.

Eight Protectors Series

The Eight Protectors collection is comprised of highly intricate bi-metallic coins whose every feature relates to the Buddhist tradition. The Eight Protectors are Buddhist deities who guard the 12 zodiac animals, and by extension, the people born in each animal year. The Rat Chinese Zodiac animal begins the 12-year zodiac animal cycle, so 2020 begins this wonderful Eight Protectors series. The first release was the Goddess of Mercy coin.

Ramakien Series

Similar to the Chinese Gods series, the Ramakien collection brings to life characters from Thailand’s national epic: Ramakien. This epic focuses on the story of reincarnation on Earth under the deity known as Vishnu. This is derived from the Hindu epic, Ramayana, a holy text of the Hindu religion. The first release in this collection was the Tossakan coin, and it came in a first-ever, meticulously detailed 1-kilo copper frame.