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The Korea Minting, Security Printing, and ID Card Operation Corporation, known as KOMSCO, started from a 1951 law in South Korea. It was an investment from the national treasure of South Korea. It is the only manufacturer of the Republic of Korea currency. Additionally, it operates under the Seoul government. KOMSCO is famous worldwide for its reputation of security bullion products and currency, with exports of its products going to over 40 countries worldwide.

Furthermore, KOMSCO also produces coins, postage stamps, certificates, national bonds, safety bonds, banknotes, and many other securities for the South Korean government. This mint operates in a high-tech facility in Daejeon. They place a very high priority on innovation in security technology, and research and development in the field.


The second of this series features the guardian Canis, who leads God’s army on the battlefield and is a loyal and dutiful guardian who sits by God’s side. Canis is faithful and always ready to offer protection against the evils of the world. He fights with his spearhead and is a strong and reliable leader. The obverse of this dominant silver coin features the shield of Chiwoo Cheonwang. The shield displays “Do ggae bi” who wards off evil spirits. Additionally on this side of the coin is the KOMSCO mint logo and the inscriptions “2018 FINE SILVER 999” “REPUBLIC OF KOREA” AND “1 CLAY.” The reverse showcases the guardian Canis dressed and ready to do battle for God and his people. This coin has a low 40,000 mintage and also comes PCGS certified and in black ruthenium 24k gold.


A newer and stunning series of silver coins from Korea is the Zi:Sin series. This series replicates the 12-year cycle of the lunar calendar with 12 guardians. These guardians are part of God’s army—protecting humans from the plagues and evils of the earth. The guardians stand and roam in 12 directions of the planet, keeping demons and diseases at bay by wielding their powers over nature. These guardians can take human form, and when they do, they adorn helmets and carry weapons symbolizing various mythical creatures


One of the more popular series is the Chiwoo Cheonwang series. This series showcases the many battles undertaken by the “God of War,” Chiwoo Cheonwang-- a mythical and powerful man in Korean culture. Chiwoo was said to be a “Red Devil” with a demon-like quality, magical spells, weather-controlling power, and a mighty shield that wrapped around him. Each year of the series features a new design on the reverse side depicting one of Chiwoo’s many battles. 


This favorite series started in 2016 and features the Siberian (Korean) tiger, who is now considered endangered with only 300-500 left in the country. South Korea sees the Korean tiger as an essential symbol of their culture. Additionally, the Siberian tiger ranks among the “Four Tigers of Asia,” which also includes Japan, China, and Taiwan.


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