Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation (KOMSCO)

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About Korean Mint (KOMSCO)

The Korean Mint, also known as KOMSCO, has been around since 1951.  They produce gold and silver bullion, and additional coining work. Interestingly, KOMSCO is a corporation owned by the government in the Republic of Korea or South Korea.

KOMSCO works closely with the nation’s central bank, Bank of Korea, to provide the currency for South Korea.

The mint operates from a highly sophisticated plant in Daejeon, South Korea. Research and development are of utmost priority here. Additionally, they use research and development for global innovation in security technology. The Silver Clay Chiwoo Cheonwang medal is an example of an exquisite product KOMSCO has made.

Currently, KOMSCO has over 600 various types of products for South Korea and additional countries. Some of these products are ID Cards, medals, and commemorative banknotes.

The History Of The Korean Mint

The National Treasure of South Korea started KOMSCO through investments under a unique law in 1951. Furthermore, the Government in Seoul directly controls KOMSCO. This Korean Mint is responsible for the manufacturing of coins, national bonds, banknotes, coins, and various securities. Additionally, KOMSCO manufactures currency bonds, postage, government certificates and other items for the government.

Two thousand seventeen marks the year that KOMSCO is genuinely breaking out on a global scale. The mint is manufacturing new gold and silver bullion for investors worldwide. It is also offering it’s high-tech and exquisite designs to other countries. Some of these high-tech services include passports, security papers, and bank notes with anti-forgery technology. Finally, countries across Central and East Asia, Africa, and Europe all have access to this.

Korean Mint Products

Chiwoo Cheonwang, a new series started in 2016, has seen extreme popularity.  Cheonwang was an infamous legend in Korean history. He is remembered as the "God of War" and led the Nine Li tribe in Ancient China. He defeated the Yellow Emperor.

Another favorite is the gold and silver Korean tigers. These medals contain anti-counterfeiting features you can see when you tilt and rotate the coin. Tigers are an integral part of Korea and are said to bring good luck.

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