Silver Figurines

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Here at Bullion Exchanges, we offer some of the most exclusive cast silver products available. For those collectors who genuinely love a showpiece, these sterling silver figurines (cast silver) are ideal for you. Additionally, our highly-experienced manufacturer produces these pure .925 sterling silver bullion casts. They come in limited quantity, ensuring you’ll have a unique piece at your fingertips.

Silver Casting

Casting is a 5,000-year-old metalworking process that produces delicately detailed silver pieces of superb quality. The liquid silver is poured into a mould and is left to set until hardened. Think of when you pour water into an ice cube tray and place in freezer to set. Today's castings use wax models and ventilation vents.

Silver Baseball Bat

What is more American than baseball? This iconic baseball bat represents a true American pastime and tradition. It is made using the lost-wax method. This method highlights its every detail and guarantees lasting beauty. Our baseball bat with attached baseball comes from our silver statues collection. It makes a perfect gift or collection piece for any sports enthusiast or patriot. 

All of our silver products are of the highest standards.

So, be sure to check out our cast silver and other exclusive products while silver prices are low. Also, see the current silver price by visiting our user-friendly charts. Buy these products at any time, as it is always an optimal time to purchase silver. Finally, we offer the lowest prices on silver coins, bars, figurines, and rounds. So yes, we are happy to 100% guarantee our products. As always, we offer free shipping with any $75 purchase.