Cast Silver

Cast Silver produced by Bullion Exchanges includes a large specter of various .999 pure silver and .925 sterling silver bullion items. Each silver cast piece is manufactured using renowned techniques, creating an incredible, exclusive and artistic look. These cast figurines are made with patience and mastery by our expert artisans to offer you fine silver products with brilliant designs.

What is Cast Silver?

Cast Silver is a silver bar or silver figurine obtained through a process called casting sterling silver. Sterling silver casting consists of duplicating a silver sculpture by casting it from an original plastic mold or wax set in plaster. The molten silver is poured into the plaster by melting the wax or plastic mold. Only after silver is cooled, it’s removed from the cavity and released to be hand-polished. The main particularity of cast is that all pieces are different because silver fills up the case in singular, distinct ways, which leads to variances in the nuances, tone or shape of the silver cast, but doesn’t affect its weight or purity. For this reason, cast products provide an excellent opportunity to diversify your collectibles portfolio with unique and state-of-the-art precious metal pieces.

Types and designs of silver figurines

Bullion Exchanges produces a variety of different silver figurines such as the silver statuette soldier, silver warrior figurine, silver skull, and silver animal sculpture. Our Art of War series contains exclusive silver statuettes cast by our skilled craftsmen representing iconic, historical warriors. We are constantly extending the range of our silver figurines, so more remarkably beautiful designs are yet to come.

Art of War series

The silver figurines produced within the Art of War series are outstanding silver cast products made by our skilled artisans. These exceptional silver statuettes depict iconic figures and elements from the ancient, medieval and modern wars, showcasing unique warriors from various ages and cultures, like Egyptian, Russian, Norse and many more. Discover more about this Bullion Exchanges unique series by following this link.

Silver Soldiers

Each silver statuette depicting famous soldiers is a one-of-a-kind novelty cast piece inspired by traditional toy soldiers collected as a hobby since 1938. Bullion Exchanges is proud to offer you the following outstanding collectible silver soldiers:

Each silver soldier is a stunning gift or acquisition if you are passionate about historical wars. Add any of these silver sculptures or the whole collection to your investment portfolio and own exclusively designed pieces of cast silver!

Silver Animal Sculpture

Here, at Bullion Exchanges we are thrilled to produce silver animal sculptures with remarkable wildlife designs. Our 1 oz Silver Monkey .925 sterling silver is handcrafted by our expert artisans depicting one of the most charming, intelligent and worldwide beloved animals. The monkey is cast as playfully swinging from a ring, with a mischievous look on its face and its dangling feet. The fur of the monkey has been uniquely detailed to give it a 3D look, making this silver animal sculpture a beautiful gift for any special occasion such as a birthday or anniversary. Our range of animal designs for our silver figures will be extended, so keep an eye on our silver figurine offerings!

Silver Skull

One of the most famous silver figurines is the silver cast 2 oz Skull Cast Silver .999 fine. Its reverse side is a flat surface containing engravings about the silver content and weight while the obverse side is a detailed three-dimensional depiction of a human skull. The nose and eye sockets, as well as teeth, are incredibly detailed giving the silver skull a realistic appearance. Choose this silver skull figurine as a present or collectible and you will get an impressive and unequal design with high silver value.

Other Silver Figures

An exceptional and exclusive silver figure produced here, at Bullion Exchanges, is the 2 oz Silver Mermaid .925 sterling silver. It represents a 3D silver sculpture of a half-fish half-human mythical creature which has fascinated people’s imagination for centuries. The mermaid is depicted with her fish tail and humanlike face and torso, with her long flowing hair and hands playfully reaching beneath one of the fishes swimming alongside her. This silver statuette is a perfect gift for fans of magical aquatic books, movies or art. Various silver figurines are also yet to come, so keep an eye on our selection.

Check our exclusive collection of various silver figurines. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 800.852.6884, through our live chat feature, or by email at [email protected]