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A History

With over 40 years of production, the Silver Morgan Dollar enjoyed a circulation longer than any other. First minted in 1878, this standard silver dollar lasted through 1904 before being minted once again in 1921. Its name comes from the designer, George T. Morgan, who worked as an Assistant Engraver for the United States Mint at the time.

The Morgan Dollar stands out as one of the oldest official currencies of the United States, with each coin being comprised of 90% silver and a face value of $1 USD. For these reasons, the Silver Morgan Dollar coins maintain a high degree of popularity across silver coin collectors, particularly those with a focus on the 90% silver coins. Although these coins are among the most common US coins from the 1800s, they make a challenging collectible because of their many varieties and production dates.

An Uncommon Design

In 1878, George T. Morgan was the designer for both the obverse and reverse sides of these coins, which also share an obverse design with the 1877 half dollar. The obverse shows a portrait of Lady Liberty, modeled off of Philadelphia school teacher Anna Williams. By choosing to model Lady Liberty off of an American woman, he broke the usual mold of a Grecian Lady Liberty seen in the neoclassical style. This unique and mold-breaking portrait of Lady Liberty is surrounded by 13 stars, the mint date, and “E PLURIBUS UNUM”.

The reverse design of the Morgan Silver Dollar showcases the heraldic eagle, but with its own unique twist as well. He designed this eagle after undertaking intense studying of eagles he watched in nature. Instead of following the traditional breastplate and pine branch in the eagle’s claws, the eagle is surrounded with “ONE DOLLAR”, “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”, and “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

Minting Locations

Morgan Dollars were produced at five different mints: the Philadelphia Mint, which gave them no mintmark, the New Orleans Mint with the O mintmark, the San Francisco Mint with the S mintmark, Carson City Mint with the CC mintmark, and Denver Mint with a D mintmark.

Rare Dates

Key and significant dates for Silver Morgan Dollars range from years in the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

The rarest to come by including those created in 1895, 1893-S, 1895-O, 1892-S, 1889-CC, 1884-S, and 1879-CC.

A Wide Variety of Options

To cater to the wide variety of every different client’s needs, we always make sure to offer an array of Morgan Dollar options in our inventory. We carry certified coins for collectors and bags and rolls of different denominations for investors. Our wide selection has options for any and all budgets and interests.

When you buy Morgan Silver Dollars, you own a piece of history

The collection of these coins is engaging and rewarding. As one of the rarest silver coins in minting, they offer an excellent opportunity for investing. The main point to keep in mind when buying one of these unique and valuable coins is how long you plan to keep them in your collection. Silver Morgan Dollars often carry impressive stories. Because of their high face value, many were used by gunslingers, railroad barons, or even wealthy poker players while they were in circulation. Bullion Exchanges gives you the opportunity to own an exciting and impressive piece of history by offering you an extensive and varied collection of these coins suitable for all collectors and investors.

Silver Morgan Dollars as Investment Vehicles

Morgan Dollars were ignored until the 60s, but today are one of the most sought-after and highly appreciated of pre-1965 coins. There are many advantages to using these coins as investment vehicles, one of which is because they are no longer minted, their demand is greater than their supply.

Pre-1965 silver coins are famous for a low premium over spot price, which has earned them a popular place among collectors of non-bullion. Their historical significance, rarity, and condition make them a collector favorite. For someone looking to buy bulk while maintaining a budget, these coins make an excellent choice.