Chinese Provincial Silver Coins

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Chinese Provincial Silver Coins

Our Chinese Provincial Silver Coins are an assortment of interesting and various coins from different Chinese provinces throughout the last century. Chinese silver coins carry some of the most popular silver coin designs on the market.

  • 1994 1 oz Silver Unicorn 10 Yuan BU
  • 1927 Silver Memento Dollar Birth of Republic of China Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
    • Made of 90% fine china
  • 1934 China $1 Junk AU 53 Dr. Sun Yat-Sen
    • Dr. Sun Yat-Sen was a political giant. He helped form anti-Ching dynasty organizations and led revolutionary activities.
  • 1993 China Silver 10Y Mao Zedong 100th Birth Anniversary PF 64 Cameo
    • Commemorative coin of Mao Ze Dong. He was the founder of modern communist China
  • 1987 .434 oz China Silver Rabbit 10 Yuan NGC 67 UCAM
    • Part of the lunar series, certified by the NGC
  • 1914 China $1 Circlet in Ribbon Box XF details
    • Features Yuan Shih-Kai, who proclaimed himself emperor in 1915. This caused opposition to form in China and the world. A rebellion soon started. In 1916, Yuan rescinded the monarchy because of this.

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