Exclusive Platinum Bars

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Bullion Exchanges Exclusive Platinum Bars

Buying platinum bars is easy with Bullion Exchanges, and you can’t get the Bullion Exchanges’ exclusive platinum bars anywhere else! We have worked with the distinguished PAMP Suisse with all our platinum bars. Each platinum bar contains the highest level of platinum purity, so far, at .9995 fine. We offer different sizes for all kinds of collectors from platinum gram bars to 1 oz platinum bars. If you want to buy platinum bars, especially ones that are artfully detailed, you have come to the right place. We happily provide our Bullion Exchanges platinum bars from the PAMP Suisse’s Lunar Bars series and our exclusive Rosa bars. All our exclusives are struck in limited amounts, so be sure to grab our unique PAMP Suisse platinum bars before we sell out for good.

Bullion Exchanges?

Bullion Exchanges has been doing business as a precious metals retailer in the NYC Diamond District since 2012. We proudly and regularly offer a combination of the most famous coins, bars, and numismatic items on the market. Most of our inventory features the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, PAMP Suisse, and even the New Zealand Mint. Take a look at all the Government Mints we source our bullion from, as well as the Private Mints and Refineries we do business with.

Through the years as we continued to grow as a company, we expanded our inventory to also include our very own exclusive platinum bullion bars. The exclusivity of our collection offers investors the chance to diversify and add some character to their collections. We hope you enjoy our Bullion Exchanges exclusive platinum bars, all of which are struck in limited quantities. Also, do not forget to take advantage of our exclusive silver bullion!

Bullion Exchanges PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar - Rosa

The PAMP Suisse platinum bars are not always exclusive to Bullion Exchanges, except for this Rosa bar! These platinum gram bars were made with .9995 fine platinum and weigh just 5 grams. This small size makes the 5-gram PAMP Suisse Platinum Bar much more investable for stackers on a budget. However, these platinum gram bars have a limited mintage of only 1,000, and once we sell out, these are gone for good! 

This PAMP Suisse platinum gram bar is adorned on one side with the famed Rosa illustration. But, the platinum edition of this bar is only available from Bullion Exchanges. The other side of the bar features all the familiar hallmarks such as the PAMP Suisse logo, the bar’s weight, purity, metal, and unique serial number. This Rosa bar might be the ideal gift for that special someone since it is a rose that can last forever! Pick this flower now, from Bullion Exchanges. 

Bullion Exchanges PAMP Suisse Platinum Lunar Bars

Each year, Bullion Exchanges is pleased to offer the PAMP Suisse Lunar Bars. These bars feature the Chinese Lunar Animal of the year. In order, the zodiac animals include the Mouse/Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat/Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and the Pig. PAMP Suisse’s illustrations for these bars showcase the Lunar animal of that year. The images are intricately detailed and seamlessly captured on both the front and back of each bar.

The PAMP Suisse creates these bars in gold and silver annually, but Bullion Exchanges is the only one to carry the platinum editions. All these bars are made with .9995 fine platinum and weigh 1 troy oz. Do not forget, these bars have a low mintage of 1,000, so be sure to secure your 1 oz platinum bar for the year before you miss your opportunity!


With the 24/7 availability of the internet, you can easily buy platinum and Bullion Exchanges exclusive platinum bars online! Our exclusives can’t be found anywhere else. Make sure that before you finish buying platinum bars from us, check out the price of platinum on our platinum spot price chart and the rest of our exclusive inventory. We also offer our Mythical Creatures series, Bull and Bear shaped coins and silver bottle caps. You can also enjoy free shipping on orders over a certain amount, specified at the top of the page!