Mythical Creatures Series

Bullion Exchanges Exclusives: Mythical Creatures Series

In 2021, Bullion Exchanges launched our very own exclusive silver collection, the Mythical Creatures series. Often, people start coin collecting as a passionate and fulfilling hobby. We made this Mythical Creatures series particularly for those of you who embarked on their investing journey in this way. Each of the coins in our program is made with 2 troy oz of .999 fine silver, and they all have a limited mintage. So, when these sell out, they will be gone for good. Don’t let the magic run out, invite wonder back into your collection with the Mythical Creatures Series!

2021 Mermaid & Unicorn Antiquated High Relief Silver Coin

We kicked this series off with the Unicorn and Mermaid coin, struck in 2 troy oz of .999 fine silver. This antiquated, high relief silver coin has a limited mintage of only 1,000 coins and features a unicorn convening with a mermaid in a magical cove. 

These mythical creatures are paired together on the reverse of this coin as a symbolic union of water and earth. In the design, a lovely mermaid rests on a rock beside a cove where a frog swims in the water. The mermaid extends her arm out to gently touch the unicorn, who bends its head down to meet her finger. The two meet in this cove, on the boundary of a magical forest beneath the full moon. Butterflies flutter around them in the woodsy region to show how magic really is in the air. 

The obverse of the coin displays a high relief border with remarkable detail around the Republique du Tchad coat of arms and face value. Creatures that appear on the reverse include griffins, dragons, centaurs, Cerberus, cyclops, and much more. Can you identify them all? Maybe some of these will appear on future releases!

More Exclusives by Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchange is proud to provide classic investment-grade coins from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, British Royal Mint, Perth Mint, New Zealand Mint, and others. However, we also offer our very own exclusives in silver, gold, and platinum. Some other silver exclusives we carry include our yellow and black bottle caps as well as our Wallstreet Silver Rounds. You will find no shortage of silver creativity in our inventory, so explore our offerings and have fun while you shop!