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The Gold Eagle coins are some of the most sought-after gold bullion coins today, internationally. The American Gold Eagle coins debuted in 1986, featuring American icons including Lady Liberty and the American Bald Eagle. The US Mint employs high-quality minting with every gold coin in the beloved program. This year, the 2021 Gold Eagle coins see an unprecedented change with a brand new reverse design. More importantly, this design implements security features to better secure the coin against counterfeiting. 

The American Eagle coin series has multiple sizes including 1/10 troy oz, 1/4 ozt, 1/2 ozt, and 1 ozt sizes. Additionally, the Gold American Eagle coins are legal tender the US Government backs, and the face value varies depending on the weight. All ungraded Gold Eagle coins are IRA eligible. Therefore, you can not only grow a fantastic gold coin collection but also fund your IRA account when you buy Gold Eagles


The Gold Eagle coin is among the bestselling coins in our inventory! This prestigious program started in 1986. Just one year prior, the US Government searched for ways to help stimulate the domestic mining industry. Later in the year, they authorized the Gold Bullion Coin Act. This act allowed for the Gold American Eagle coin program to be possible. The only stipulation for this is that all the gold used to make the Gold American Eagle coins must come from American sources only. Ever since its inception, the Gold Eagle coins display beloved patriotic symbols on high purity gold. This secured it as a must-have coin for collectors and investors all around the world. 

The obverse of the official gold bullion coin of the United States contains a famous design inspired by the Gold Double Eagle coin. This design is a refurbished version of sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ design.  Lady Liberty strides forth as a leader, proud and strong. Her right arm holds her torch high as her left arm stretches out with olive branches. She moves towards the viewer, as though extending a welcome to guide you to the US Capitol building behind her. The sunrise radiates from behind the building and Lady Liberty, suggests hope and freedom are finally here.


The reverse of the new 2021 Gold American Eagle coins will be updated later in 2021. Therefore, the first coins issued in 2021 will continue to bear the Miley Busiek design known as the “Family of Eagles.” In the image, one parent eagle returns to its nest where the other awaits with their two young fledglings. The returning eagle carries an olive branch in its talons as it swoops down to rejoin the family. This coin reverse demonstrates the American ideal of having a family and working together to provide for one. 

However, the new reverse design of the 2021 Gold Eagle coins features a highly realistic image of an American Bald Eagle. The bird stares to the coin’s left, and you can see in high detail its features such as its feathers and its twinkling eye. This new design contains all the same inscriptions on the border as the original reverse. The key modification to be aware of is this new design is augmented with three levels of security. One feature is visible to the naked eye, the second is identifiable under magnification, but the final feature is known only by the US government and other officials. Buy Gold Eagles coins today and bring your coin collection into the new age of secure US Mint coin investing. 


The 2021 Proof Gold Eagle began in 1986 in a 1 troy ounce. The following year, in 1987, the US Mint introduced a new size: 1/2 troy oz. From this point forward, except for 2009, Proof American Gold Eagle coins annually arrive in 1/10 troy oz, 1/4 ozt, 1/2 ozt, and 1 ozt. Just like the Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) coins, the Proof Gold Eagle coins will bear the new reverse design later in the year. 

Proof coins are much different from the BU editions because they are struck twice and feature a reflective finish. Striking the coins twice gives the coins a high contrast and sharp details with a stunning mirror-like background. These coins are truly remarkable to behold, which is why they remain a popular pick year after year. Welcome in 2021 and buy Gold Eagles from Bullion Exchanges today!


Bullion Exchanges also habitually has a select amount of American Eagle coins graded, both in gold and silver, by the trusted companies NGC and PCGS. Every year, we carry MS 69 and MS 70, with variations in Early Releases, First Strike, and First Day of Issue. First Strike and Early Releases labels on the American Eagle coins means the coins were graded within the first 30 days of their release. However, First Day of Issue coins are shipped out on the first day of the coin’s issue and are certified that same day.