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The Austrian Gold Philharmonics Mint

Bullion Exchanges is excited to offer the best selling Austrian Mint Gold Philharmonics coins. The Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin represents the Gold recognition of the world's most well known Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. When it comes to buying Gold, investors have a wide range of options such as cast Gold bars and Gold bullion coins from Sovereign Mints. Celebrating the arts and culture of Austria, the unique Austrian Gold Mint referred to as "Big Phil," carries an approach to the release of its coinage. When the Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins were first released, the Gold Mints was only available in 1 oz Gold and 1/4 oz Gold options. Over time, the Austrian Mint expanded the collection to include 1/10 Troy oz, 1/2 Troy oz, and 1/25 Troy oz. Since the famous Vienna Philharmonic was originated in 1842, there were regular orchestral performances in the Austrian capital city of Vienna as early as 1830. Similar to other Gold coins, a collector's edition was produced in 2004 to commemorate the 15th anniversary since the first release of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic. The fifteen Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins bear a face value of 100,000 euro and weigh 1,000 troy ounces each.


History of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic

The Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin was first minted in 1989, and its beautiful design was popular among collectors and investors. Since the 30th anniversary of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic, the design of this Gold coin just remained the same. The primary intention of the Austrian Gold coin was to commemorate the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. In today's times, the Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins are one of the few Gold coins in Europe that are manufactured on an extensive mass range. The Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin is rare because it is one of the few Austrian Gold coins with a face value listed in Euros. However, Austrian Gold coins produced before 2002 were denominated in a former British currency. Today, the 1 ounce Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin is listed with a face value of 100 euro, and this is the only change of form the Gold coin has encountered throughout the history of mintage. Unlike other Gold coins, the Austrian Gold coins offer small fractional ounce denominations that are suitable for smaller investments. Also, investors and collectors are offered a 1/10 ounce Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin as an option as well. 


The Design of the Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin

The center focus of the Gold coin design in the Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin series is the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The Austrian Mint hired Chief engraver Thomas Pesendorfer to design the official Austrian Gold Bullion Mint. The design of the Gold coins indicated the cultural pride Austrians have in their beloved orchestra.

The obverse of all Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin represents the Musikverein organ in the Great Golden Hall in Vienna. In the interior perspective of the Golden Hall, the pipe organ is frequently utilized in performances by the Vienna Philharmonic. On the obverse inscribed with "Republik Oesterreich," "Unze Gold 9999," along with the coin's weight, face value, and year of mintage. 

The reverse of Gold Philharmonic coin carries a mixture of musical instruments practiced by members of the Vienna Philharmonic. Some of the musical instruments include a large cello as the central point being accompanied by two violins on both sides. The background of the coin is involved with more devices such as the horn, harp, and bassoon. Likewise, the engravings inscribed "Weiner Philharmoniker," including the year of mintage, the face value of the coin, and the country of origin.


Different Variety of Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coins

The Austrian Mint does not issue Gold Philharmonic coin in proof collectible version. However, the gold coins design itself is unique enough to be offered for a limited time. The Big Phil: an Austrian Gold Philharmonic coin only offered for the 15th anniversary of the coin series in 2004. The Big Phil holds 1,000 Troy ounces of .9999 pure gold with a face value of €100,000. The mintage limit for these gold coins were only 15 in total. 

The 20 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic: Released in 2009, the Austrian Mint debuted a 20 oz Gold coin to celebrate 20 years of production. The Gold Mints struck with 20 Troy oz of .9999 pure Gold. The Austrian Mint struck three individual batches of 2,009 coins with various countries. The markets include European, American, and Japanese with one quantity per nation.


The 1/25 oz Austrian Gold Philharmonic: Initially designed as a 25th Anniversary coin when the Gold Mint was introduced in 2014. However, the Austrian Mint has managed to keep the Gold coins in the collection due to the popularity of smaller fractional-weight Gold coins in bullion collections.


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