Royal Australian Mint Lunar Series Gold

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About the Royal Australian Mint Lunar Series Gold Coin

The newly founded Royal Mint Canberra is the first Australian Mint that is independent of the British Royal Mint. Aside from producing circulating coins in Australia, the Royal Australian Mint also produces several types of bullion and commemorative Australian Gold Coins. The Royal Australian Mint Canberra followed the concept of other notorious mints, like the Perth Mint, Chinese Mint, and RCM, and released its own Gold Lunar series in 2007 with the Year of Pig Gold Coin. Lunar Series Gold Coins were issued to celebrate the 12-year Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each Gold Coin from the Royal Australian Mint Lunar Series is produced of .9999 fine gold and depicts one of the iconic creatures of the Chinese Zodiac on its reverse side, making these coins an excellent gold bullion gift for special occasions and events. By far, in this ongoing series were issued the “Year of Pig” (2007), the “Year of Rat” (2008), the “Year of Ox” (2009), the “Year of Tiger” (2010), the “Year of Rabbit” (2011), the “Year of Dragon” (2012), the “Year of Snake” (2013), the “Year of Horse” (2014), the “Year of Goat” (2015) and the “Year of Monkey” (2016) coins.

Main Sizes of the Royal Australian Mint Lunar Series Gold Coins

RAM’s Gold Lunar Series Coins are produced in several size options: from the most popular 1 troy ounce gold coins down to its fractional sizes of ½ oz., ¼ oz., 1/10 oz. and 1/20 oz., with the respective coin face values of $100 AUD, $50 AUD, $25 AUD, $15 AUD and $5 AUD. Every Royal Australian Mint gold coin from the Lunar Series is sold encapsulated in an airtight hard plastic in order to preserve the quality of the coin.

The Design of the Royal Australian Mint Lunar Series Gold Coin

The Royal Australian Mint, just like other well-known international mints, issued the Lunar Gold Series inspired by the ancient Chinese culture, particularly by the 12 year Chinese Lunar Calendar. Each year in this calendar is represented by a specific animal: the pig, the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster and the dog. All these animals, including the dragon, the only mythical creature in the series, is a symbol of a particularly reputed attribute of the Chinese culture. For example, the last coin released within the series, the Gold “Year of Monkey” coin featured the image of a skillful monkey that is moving along the branches of a blooming tree and the monkey is the symbol of creativity, cleverness, curiosity, and mischievousness. On the reverse side of the coin is also engraved the Chinese Character for monkey '' and the equivalent of the word in English, the mintage year, purity and weight marks. On the obverse side of the Royal Australian Mint Lunar Gold Coins is depicted the same profile portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, created by Ian Rank-Broadley, along with the words “Australia”, “Elizabeth II” and the face value of the coin. The only difference between the obverse side of these coins and the Perth Mint Gold Lunar Coins is that the portrait of Her Majesty is surrounded by the portrayals of the 12 Zodiac animals arranged in a circle.

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